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I’m a sexpert – my bedroom tips for England heroes and their WAGs will help us win the World Cup

THE pressure of representing their country at the World Cup can take a huge toll on players.

But a sex and relationship expert reckons she knows exactly how Gareth Southgate can revitalise his team after matches.

Natalia believes players like Eric Dier should be able to let off some steam with fiancee Anna Modler after matches
Natalia Kobylkina believes the England squad should be able to have sex after matches – but not the day before

Sexologist Natalia Kobylkina is urging the England manager to let his players go into sex-tra time with their wives and girlfriends – but ban romps the day before a game.

She tells The Sun: “If they win and perform well they should be rewarded by being able to perform equally well when they see their loved ones after the game.

“That will also, hopefully, get them in the right frame of mind for the next fixture.”

But while she firmly believes sex games are good for the squad, too much nookie could hamper their chances of bringing home the World Cup.

She explains: “It is very important for the guys to be ready for action when they get out onto the field.

“You can’t expect that to happen if they have been putting all their energies into making love with their partner in the run-up to matches.”

Natalia, 38, believes to get the best out of his team, Southgate must ban any performances in the bedroom 72 hours before each game and save the reward for when the game is over.

She argues the players need to have heightened levels of testosterone and cortisone in their bodies to maximise their prowess on the pitch.

Annie Kilner will be cheering on her man Kyle Walker
Sasha Atwood, who has been in an on-off relationship with Jack Grealish for years, will be supporting him

Natalia adds: “If Gareth Southgate follows my advice, England can go all the way to lift the trophy – and the wives and girlfriends will have fulfilled an important role in winning the World Cup.”

No to ‘sex ban’

Natalia, 38, says it’s not feasible to ask players not to have sex for more than a month throughout the tournament.

She says: “They will start to get depressed and frustrated. Their heads will drop and they won’t be at their best. 

“You wouldn’t impose a month-long sex ban for players during a normal season. It just wouldn’t work.

“So it’s not going to work in Qatar either. It’s not as if the WAGS aren’t there!”

Romp o’clock

Natalia believes a month-long sex ban is impossible for the likes of Raheem Sterling and fiancée Paige Milian
Harry Maguire and wife Fern will have to say no to sex too close to matches, says Natalia

Natalia, who is based in London and boasts an international client list of athletes, entrepreneurs and politicians, reckons she knows the best time a player should have sex in order to give their best performance – on the pitch, that is.

“The optimum time for a male footballer, like any elite male athlete, to have sex before a major sporting event is 72 hours,” she says.

“That way the players can be at their peak mentally and physically for the challenge ahead.

“Sex can be a reward for winning or a consolation for losing. So a win-win scenario for the players and, of course, their wives and girlfriends!

‘Stay strong for England’

Natalia says WAGS like Anouska Santos, Luke Shaw’s partner must “stay strong” for England
In order for the Squad to bring the World Cup home, WAGS must only have sex with their men after matches, says Natalia

For the WAGS who have made it to Qatar to cheer on their men, Natalia says: “If you want your man to do well on the pitch you have to say ‘no’ to sex for 72 hours before each game.

“You need to stay strong for England. Once the games are over, that’s when you can let your defences down – and hopefully the boys can rise to the occasion!

“The lads need to reach the maximum levels of their animal potential. They need to be hungry for sex and hungry for the ball – obviously not at the same time!

“That way their all-round game will be so much better.

“If they have sex too close to kick-off they won’t have either the energy or the motivation to do their best.”

Natalia has worked with high profile athletes, entrepreneurs, and politicians

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