• 5G – a danger to health?

    5G – a danger to health?0

    The fear of cell phone radiation and its effects on the human body is not entirely new. But with the planned 5G grid expansion in Germany, it is increasing. Is the new technology harmful to health? The introduction of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks is  planned not only in Germany but worldwide . As much as we all like to have fast

  • Get old with Down syndrome

    Get old with Down syndrome0

    About 50 years ago, people with Down syndrome had a life expectancy of less than ten years. Today it is around 60 years old. Many of them die of dementia. Children with Down syndrome develop more slowly and differently than others, have special abilities for it. Children with trisomy 21 not only look different from children without Down’s syndrome . They’re different. Their

  • Britain is testing a new concept in wildlife conservation

    Britain is testing a new concept in wildlife conservation0

    Even conservationists often cook their own soup. For the first time, organizations in the UK are working hand in hand to rescue endangered species. With success. Talking about the weather is a popular sport for the British, and the conversation among the volunteers in the dunes of Sefton Coast is no exception. They have gathered here on a

  • E-cigarettes can cause heart attacks, vascular diseases and depression: study

    E-cigarettes can cause heart attacks, vascular diseases and depression: study0

    A US study shows that e-cigarettes are harmful, with vapers risking heart disease and depression. But conventional cigarettes are even more dangerous. Smokers of e-cigarettes have — in comparison to non-smokers — a 56 percent higher risk of heart attacks. The risk of a stroke is also about 30 percent higher. Coronary artery disease occurs about 10 percent more frequently

  • Metastases – the real cancer risk

    Metastases – the real cancer risk0

    Metastases are often more dangerous than the primary tumor that gives rise to them. They are responsible for 90% of all cancer deaths. Here are the most important facts on these deadly ‘sleeper’ tumors. Created by cells released by the primary tumor that have been transported to other organs or body parts, metastases – secondary

  • How to prevent cancer

    How to prevent cancer0

    Cancer doesn’t have to be an inevitable destiny. Scientists know exactly what triggers the disease. And everyone can do something against the biggest threats. Destiny is in your hands Being diagnosed with cancer is a shock that hits you hard. And yet almost half of all cancer cases could be prevented. Smoking alone triggers about