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Review of EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad

The EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad will make the rig popular with aspiring gamers and evolved pros. It comes in the box. It works out of the box as early as you hit the USB dongle into the game box.

With the games you must have played, you would have loved the hold of the gamepad and the feedback of the keys. It has all the stuff from 3D 360-degree analog joysticks to turbo and pressure-sensitive action buttons.

Unfortunately, you might need to enhance at gaming and had to take the input of a junior who loved employing this one and was endeavoring to figure out how to link this with the Nintendo Gameboy. The EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad operates with all platforms that can bring the USB dongle.

Brief about the device

The EvoFox Game Box is an entire kit for gamers, along with the Android smart box that arrives preloaded with many games and a key to the Google Play store in case you require to add more on the fly. In addition, you can download any app you need, from Netflix to Vimeo, depending on what you wish to do on your big screen.

The Game Box, powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor, includes 4GB of RAM, a dedicated 3D graphics processor, and 32GB of internal storage. You can link to the network via WiFi. There is an RJ45 port at the rear in case you are near a modem. There is an HDMI port to link to the TV and two USB-A ports. They can be attached to the remote or the wireless gamepad. You would ideally have liked one more USB port to use both the gamepads and the remote. Up front, the box includes a pink LED light that provides it with a very gaming feel.

The EvoFox Game Box is a comprehensive gaming kit with an Android smart box that comes preloaded with many games. You may be playing your content, and fetching web streaming onto the television meant purchasing an Android box long before FireTV and Google Chromecast became household widgets in India.

Amkette did this very well in India with its ever-developing EvoTV range of products. Now, comprehending that its original calling is not a thing, the EvoTV has grown to become an affordable gaming device, anointed the EvoFox Game Box 2022. It is loaded with an air remote and a gamepad, in case you need to use it as an intelligent box for your television.

Extra features we liked

The EvoFox Game Box is straightforward, like any Android product, once you log in with your Google account. Interestingly, the Google log-in is optional since this comes preloaded with many games.

The UI is effortless to use and does not implicate any learning. However, the preloaded retro games section can stump anyone as it is a blend of folders and forgotten prompts from the past. Although, the back button sometimes requires to be fixed, and you must recall hitting Home to get back to the home screen.

There are several preloaded games, including some famous ones like Badlands and Daytona racing. You finished quite some time playing Asphalt and Daytona Racing. You might not be a shooter game fan or have the mind space to remember game plots. However, the experience of playing a solemn game like Asphalt 8 on a 65-inch screen was thrilling, and that is placing it mildly.

The EvoFox Game Box provided the graphics were 4K quality, even with the big screen you had at Home, and kept speed with the games with no lag or ghosting. The lag was usually with the UI, where you had to stay a bit for the screen to switch.

EvoFox Game Box and the suite of games also come preloaded with OTT apps like Hotstar and Sony Liv and let you access your saved media files with the Kodi app. And all of these work well without lag, and you can use Bluetooth to set up a soundbar that ups the game.

The EvoFox Game Box ensured the graphics were 4K quality, even with the large screen you had at Home, and kept pace with the games with no lag or ghosting. The UI is sometimes a bit confusing and often leads you to dead ends where it tells you things like ‘shortcut no space’ etc. On the EvoFox Game Box, you need the gamepad to play all games, which is irritating for old-timers. You don’t need a gamepad to enjoy a quick session of PacMan 256.


Still, this is a great device to get for your Home if you have a kid you don’t want to expose to expensive gaming options and have older souls who will like a dose of the games they grew up with. Of course, it helps that the EvoFox Game Box is a complete entertainment setup, which means you don’t need anything else in the house to watch your favorite shows or to cut the cable for long dad-son gaming weekends.

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