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Report: 76ers plan to pursue Kyle Lowry sign-and-trade

The Raptors kept Kyle Lowry through the trade deadline despite interest from the Heat, 76ers and Lakers.

The Lowry sweepstakes will re-open when he hits unrestricted free agency this offseason.

Toronto and Lowry obviously still share a mutual appreciation.

If dealt last month, though, Lowry reportedly preferred Miami. The Heat project to be able to easily open about $20 million in cap space this summer.

Though lacking cap room, Philadelphia hasn’t given up on Lowry, either.

Sam Amick of The Athletic:

Sources say the Sixers still plan on pursuing him by way of a possible sign-and-trade.

76ers president Daryl Morey pursues stars – when it’s realistic and when it’s unrealistic. That’s just how he operates. Of course every executive wants stars. But Morey is more prone to accept chemistry disruption in pursuit of talent.

Is Morey particularly prioritizing Lowry? Or is Lowry just on Morey’s long list of desirable players to add? That’s less clear.

But with George Hill and Seth Curry, Philadelphia has potential matching salary for a Lowry sign-and-trade. The 76ers should also have a decent idea of Lowry’s contract demands.

If he wants to join Philadelphia – a question – the return to Toronto should be only moderate. The Raptors lose significant leverage once Lowry is no longer under contract. He could always threaten just to sign with a cap-space team like Miami.

But the 76ers are competing for a championship right now. They would’ve valued having Lowry for the 2021 playoffs, and that’s not happening. At age 35, Lowry is likely to decline during his next contract.

The circumstances will change from the trade deadline to the offseason.

Still, Lowry remains very good. He has room to decline and still help his team. Philadelphia should be interested in him.

Completing a sign-and-trade that requires three sides to agree and abides by salary-cap rules is far more complex, though.

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