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Paul Bamba speaks out after Tommy Fury fight cancellation and travels to UK in bid to reschedule bout

PAUL BAMBA has come out fighting after his scheduled bout with Tommy Fury was dramatically cancelled.

The American was due to face Fury last Sunday, on Floyd Mayweather’s undercard in Dubai.

Paul Bamba has called to reschedule his fight with Tommy Fury

But it was scrapped on the day after a weight disagreement between the two.

Bamba, 33, released his contract online which revealed the fight could not be contested above 79.3kg.

Although Fury, 23, said his contract allowed him to weigh 81kg, even though he hit the scales over at 82.3kg.

He said on Instagram: “I just want to come on here and clear a few things up.

“One contract was given to Paul Bamba, and one contract was given to myself.

“The weight in my contract, I made yesterday so as far as I’m concerned, I’ve done my job. I made weight.”

Bamba says he is still yet to see Fury’s contract despite requests to Global Titans, promoters of the event.

He also accused Global Titans of cancelling his flights and refusing to reimburse him on expenses.


Bamba revealed the fight was pulled on the day of the event after being taken off the card by Global Titans, despite trying to negotiate with Fury’s dad John.

And although John did hold talks to come to a compromise, due to the near half stone weight difference, nothing was ever in black and white.

Bamba told SunSport: “At the end of the day, while John Fury did try and make it work and he was polite, due-diligence is a very real thing and sending over the proper stuff.

“Making sure your team handles stuff and the proper way with integrity, is still very much a thing.

“So while he might have tried to save face, at the end of the day his son still didn’t make weight, they still didn’t prove me with the proper paperwork.

“And also, just because I was offered something, I didn’t get another contract. So was I just supposed to take their word for it?

“Go fight and not have anything on paper, after everything that happened? Who gets fooled twice in the same setting?”

Bamba revealed he could launch legal action against Fury if their fight is not rescheduled.

He said: “In direct correlation with Tommy Fury, that would be my next best bet.

“If I don’t hear back from them and we can’t make anything happen trying to go through the proper channels, then it would be legal action and making sure everything is done right.

“You can’t have two separate contracts. You can’t have, ‘Oh, I made my weight. He didn’t make his, that’s not my fault.’

“That’s not how the world works in real business. It’s just not.

“It sounds good for social media and reality TV, but that’s not how things work.”

Paul Bamba and Tommy Fury facing off in Dubai

Bamba predicted he lost up to $35,000 in total due to his training camp and expenses, not taking into account the purse he was not paid.

And the southpaw insisted he was ready to fight right up until the moment he was told he was off the card.

He said: “I still tried to fight, up until I was pulled off the card, I still went to the fighter meeting at 3pm, I was escorted out of the Coca-Cola Arena though.

“But I literally did everything I was supposed to do. It wasn’t like I was like, ‘Hey, I’m done, I’m not going’ and being problematic.

“I was being very vocal, because you need to be vocal to get things done, but I did everything I was contractually obligated to do.

“I made sure I did, I showed up and I was there.”


Bamba has travelled to the UK and even plans to go to Manchester in a bid to reschedule his fight with Fury.

And he said the 2019 Love Islander has no excuse not to should his celebrity grudge match with Jake Paul, eyed for February, not come off.

Bamba said: “Tommy owes me a fight, at the end of the day he called himself a man of honour, he’s not.

“He’s a little scared boy that ran and used every trick in the book to have an unfair advantage.

“I would love to fight him, if he’s a real man, he’ll fight me and settle it.

“If it’s that easy, come collect some easy money and we already have a storyline, it’s built and I’m pretty sure people want to see me knock him out.

“He has his little fanbase that thinks he can win, why not? If he’s not fighting Jake Paul in February, why not give me that fight?”

SunSport has reached out to Global Titans for comment.

Rolly Lambert replaced Paul Bamba to fight Tommy Fury

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