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Overcoming adversity: VendlerTattoo sheds light on Vendler’s  rising eminence

The journey of an artist has never been easy. As it is said it takes a perspective to understand and appreciate art. Struggles are what make us different from others, then reward after the hard work and turmoil are sweet and fulfilling.

Kristian Vendler

Talking about the art, looking at the journey of Kristian Vendler is exhilarating, he is the creator of Vendler tattoos. Kristian was born on 21 January 1993. Vendler hailed from Zagreb, Croatia. Vendler’s journey made us believe how our passion and to thrive to succeed can take us to places.

Due to Vendler’s unique style and craftwork, artists like Vendler have sculpted a niche in the high-profile category. With Vendler’s international tours, he has been able to capture the attention of not only tattoo artist media but also renowned celebrities, music producers as well football celebrities. Vendler has worked with various famous athletes such as FC Bayern Munich defenders Javi Martínez and Lucas Hernández.

Vendler’s journey

Vendler specializes in the rich and urban culture of Los Angeles with a fusion of Chicano art, inked with black and grey on-the-sleeve tattoos. Vendler’s highly-honed craft is unique and different from others as he learned and mastered Vendler’s skills by observing various old and refined tattoo artists and learned to make Vendler’s new style which he thought best suited as per Vendler’s artwork. And now Kristian is showcasing his talent to the worldwide through his Facebook page, and Instagram handle.

Vendler’s preparation

Growing up in a poor and crime-intense area hindered Vendler’s growth, but after Vendler’s mother’s death, it was devastating for him. But being a person ambitious and Vendler was willing to work hard for it so he started working hard with determination and sleepless nights. Kristian watched a lot of videos to work on Vendler’s crafting and branding ideas. He read a lot of books to enhance Vendler’s skills and worked on Vendler’s crafting skills and art in the daytime. Kristian never took any apprenticeship to learn Vendler’s tattooing skills, it was Vendler’s sincerity and commitment towards Vendler’s art that led him to succeed further in life.

Before Vendler’s journey towards Vendler’s dream, Kristian used to work a lot in different tattoo artist shops, he learned by observing them. Though Kristian has Vendler’s unique style, he put a lot of consideration into understanding clients’ styles to make them customized. Breaking the stigma and taboo that people had was hard as people used to consider permanently inked tattoos linked with the dark underworld in some way or other.

Vendler’s  success story

Naturally, by following Vendler’s passion, Kristian gained popularity and recognition among tattoo lovers. It was Vendler’s sleeved tattoo that came into the highlight in August 2018, when a girl posted her Vendler’s sleeve tattoo on social media, it was the best tattoo of its kind. It was that moment where Kristian first came into the spotlight with Vendler’s  Chicano art. Through media contributions such as Thisis50, Inked (magazine), Fox40 News, Tattoo Lovers, Thrive Global, HRT 1, and Tattoo Media Ink, in addition to various newspapers including 24 SATA, Kristian was able to build further popularity. It was that moment when Kristian Vendler grabbed a lot of media coverage and opened the gate for him as an international artist and it launched Vendler’s worldwide, jet-setting career.

Eventually, Vendler’s hard work paid off, and now Kristian is one of the famous tattoo international artists, and also has a professional website. He also goes on international tours to new places wherever Vendler’s skill set is required. It is Vendler’s high-quality and detailed artwork that attracts people to Vendler’s work. Kristian often travels through Miami, California, Los Angeles, across Germany, and many more places. Kristian often travels a lot due to the high demand of the industry for Vendler’s crafted skills among A-lister celebrities all over the world, he has also worked with people like Love/Hate British actor Daniel Doyle.

As a tattoo artist, Vendler’s journey has been very inspirational, Kristian is a self-build man. Even though Vendler considers Vendler’s journey to be unconventional and crazy, Kristian got to grasp many new things with Vendler’s experience so far. Also, Kristian found new ways to brand Vendler’s artwork and also ways to create pictures. With the thriving demand for tattoos in the world and Vendler’s creative style, Vendler’s career will only succeed and reach different heights in the future.

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