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Open Post: Hosted By Ava Max Not Being Able To Name One Elton John Song After Claiming She Loves Him

Pop singer Ava Max is like if Christina Aguilera from the 90s merged with the first era of Lady Gaga, committed to an extremely curious asymmetric hairstyle, and continuously dressed like one of the higher-quality local drag queens in your area. Elton John was honored at last week’s iHeart Radio Music Awards and Ava, who was there, was asked about him. Well, Ava’s PR person needs to remember to Google literally one fact about the person getting a tribute before kicking Ava out onto the red carpet because she couldn’t name her favorite Elton John song. Poor Ava was stumped like Paula Abdul being asked to name anyone who won American Idol after Kelly Clarkson.

During the Elton John tribute at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Demi Lovato, H.E.R., and Brandi Carlile sang a medley of his hits. Before the show, 27-year-old Ava called Elton a legend and said she’d be shaking in his legendary presence. But when asked what her favorite Elton John song is, she couldn’t come up with one and said, “All of them.” Watch Ava’s brain try to grab the name of an Elton John song:

The internet made fun of Ava for not being able to spit out Rocket Man, or Your Song, or I’m Still Standing, or even a Lion King song!

But Ava is still young and she knows how to be the butt of an internet joke, so ONTD says she helped roast herself:

Can’t blame Ava for that brain fart. I mean, if you asked Elton John to name just one Ava Max song, he’d go blank too. Although, all of us would. And a better question for Ava would’ve been, “That haircut, WHY?!”

Pic: ET

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