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Open Post: Hosted By A Florida Driver Jumping A Drawbridge

The Main Street drawbridge in Daytona Beach, Florida. It sucks, right? If there’s a boat going by, they put the bridge up, and then ya gotta wait minutes until it passes. Well, for one driver, this delay just wasn’t gonna fly. But their car was. This daredevil sped through the bridge’s traffic arm rail (which busted their windshield), then successfully jumped the drawbridge as it rose. To be fair, it was barely a jump, as the bridge hadn’t risen very high. But within seconds it was at a much sharper angle, so, yeah, it could’ve gone much worse. Oh, Florida!

Here’s the video footage:

The broken traffic arm had to be replaced, and police say they think they’ve identified the driver. My guess is they were a surgeon racing to the hospital to perform a life-saving surgery… or some drunk and/or high dude.

This isn’t even the first time someone’s tried to jump the Main Street bridge. Last month a motorcyclist pulled the same stunt:

A couple of weeks ago I watched the James Bond movie A View to Kill, co-starring the late, great Tanya Roberts. Tanya pulls a similar drawbridge-jumping stunt (busts through the guard rail too!), except she’s driving a firetruck and being pursued by a bunch of cops. She makes the jump easy, but the cops aren’t so lucky:

Listen, if you really wanna honor Tanya’s film career, try dressing up as Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Far less death-defying.

Pics: Twitter

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