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Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Are Going To Fight This Summer

Logan Paul And Floyd Mayweather Are Going To Fight This Summer


44-year-old Floyd Mayweather is a retired career fighter with a 50-0 win/loss record. 26-year-old Logan Paul is a retired(?) YouTuber who is now trying to be a boxer and has a 0-1 record. The only thing Logan can fight successfully is an already dead rat. And buckle up because these two knuckleheads are about to beat each other up in a pay-per-view fight in Miami. Anyone wanna bet who’s gonna win?

While I originally thought that Logan Paul’s fighter “career” would last as long as his alleged homosexuality, it seems that the Paul Dynasty, made up of Logan and his younger brother, Jake Paul, is really trying to become some sort of Venus and Serena Williams of the fighting world. Jake just came off of a win against retired UFC fighter, Ben Askren. But while Jake took home the win somehow, I don’t really see the same happening this time between Floyd and Logan.

ESPN says that the five-time world champion will fight the YouTuber douche in a boxing match at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on June 6. In a post to his Instagram, Floyd let the people know about buying tickets to this bloodbath:

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Did you watch that promo? Did you have the energy? They called Floyd, “The Champ” and Logan, “The Maverick.” People just use words, eh? A maverick is someone who dares to act differently from everyone else. Well… I suppose exploiting a suicide victim for YouTube likes is pretty different from something other people would do. “Maverick” is the name of Logan’s clothing brand, but still.

This fight was originally supposed to happen in February but got postponed because of COVID-19. Logan is also joking on Twitter about the battle:

Floyd has 27 career knockouts compared to Logan’s 0, so I have high hopes for this fight. By that I mean, I have high hopes there’s a GIF of Logan Paul getting his world rocked by Floyd Mayweather up online by June 7. I mean, come on, Floyd Mayweather can’t come out of an undefeated retirement to lose to some YouTube douche who’s literally never won a match. The only one who can defeat Floyd Mayweather is the IRS.

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