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  • Sea level rising sea level symbol image (picture-alliance / dpa / Ohde)

    Sea level experts sound the alarm

    A good 100 scientists are convinced that the global mean rise in sea level is likely to be much higher than predicted by the global climate. But there is also “good news”. By 2100, sea levels could rise by an average of more than one meter and by 2300 even by more than five meters – […] More

  • Arresife, cruise ship Mein Schiff 3

    Corona quarantine: anger at TUI is growing

    The travel group has placed almost 3,000 crew members on a ship in Cuxhaven under the corona quarantine. The crew complains of problems with wage payments, health risks, and a lack of communication. For weeks, the approximately 2,900 crew members onboard the cruise ship “Mein Schiff 3” have not seen anyone from the outside world. “Life […] More

  • ce8dc806 1e93 4eaa 81e7 4bb5df408095 AFP AFP 1Q12Q8 scaled

    Harry, Meghan connect via video

    Semi-isolated in Windsor Castle for the coronavirus pandemic, even Queen Elizabeth II is connecting with her family via high-tech video conference, as Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and their son Archie called her Tuesday with good wishes on her 94th birthday. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, now living in Los Angeles after stepping down from […] More

  • 4208987c 7e08 457b 9605 0b430fea4614 QuarantineRadio scaled

    Tory Lanez talks going viral with Quarantine Radio

    Rapper and singer Tory Lanez broadcasts his “Quarantine Radio” Instagram show from his home. (Photo: Tory Lanez) Going stir-crazy in quarantine? You’re not alone. Celebrities are cooped up in their homes across the country just like the rest of us. As we collectively navigate this uncharted territory, USA TODAY presents Quarantine Diaries, which give readers a peek into how our favorite […] More

  • Netherlands Coronavirus Yawning Void in Amsterdam (SW / S. Derks)

    Corona live ticker from April 8: WTO expects world trade to crash

    The World Trade Organization fears a slump of up to 32 percent. German economic researchers are also anticipating a recession. More on the DW-Live blog. The most important in the headlines: The WTO fears a fall in world trade The economic institutes predict a recession for Germany In the United States, nearly 2,000 people die in just […] More

  • Forgotten by football: the low earners of the Bundesliga

    Professional salary waiver in favor of club employees – the solidarity of the Bundesliga clubs in the Corona crisis seems to be great. But the majority of the employees around the clubs still go empty-handed. Despite all solidarity in German football, one of the weakest links in the sport has been overlooked: people who work in […] More

  • USA Coronavirus US President Donald Trump (picture-alliance / AP Images / A. Brandon)

    Trump threatens WHO to freeze payments

    President Donald Trump is furious: he accuses the World Health Organization (WHO) of serious errors in connection with the corona pandemic. The United States is the largest contributor, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, US President Donald Trump increases the pressure on the World Trade Organization (WHO). Trump […] More

  • A doctor with various packs of tablets

    Has there been a drug against the new corona virus for a long time?

    In parallel to vaccine development, doctors around the world are testing whether existing drugs can also help against SARS-CoV-2. This saves valuable time and can save lives. Perhaps there is no need to find a new drug against the new SARS CoV-2 coronavirus. Existing active substances may also help against the COVID-19 pathogen. The advantage of the […] More

  • Ronaldinho may be held under house arrest for a payment of $ 1.6 million (picture-alliance / dpa / AP / J. Saenz)

    Ronaldinho is now under house arrest on bail

    Ex-football star Ronaldinho’s lawyers failed three times to get her client out of jail in Paraguay. Now it worked – for a reason. After four weeks in custody, former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho has been released into house arrest in Paraguay. The two-time world footballer and world champion from 2002, as well as his brother and manager […] More

  • DFB Cup | FC Bayern Munich - TSG Hoffenheim (picture-alliance / sampics / S. Matzke)

    Müller and Bayern extend until 2023

    Thomas Müller, world champion of 2014 and Bayern veteran, extends the collaboration with the German record champion by two years and remains loyal to the club even after 20 years. As the club announced on Tuesday, the club and offensive players agreed to an early contract extension until June 30, 2023. The old contract of […] More

  • China Wuhan | Coronavirus | Bahnhof, Reisende verlassen die Stadt (Getty Images / AFP / N. Celis)

    Wuhan officially unblocks Trump’s criticism of World Health dereliction of duty

    Wuhan, China, officially closed the seal on April 8 after experiencing the closure for more than two months. Local officials expect more than 50,000 people to leave Wuhan by transportation. On the other hand, US President Trump on the 7th criticized the WHO’s handling of the new crown epidemic, accused the organization of serious negligence, and threatened […] More

  • prince charles in davos what good is all

    Coronavirus-Positive Royalty Earns $31 Million Annually

    KEY POINTS Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 He has a net worth of around $400 million The Duke of Cornwall is self-isolating in Birkhall on the Balmoral estate Prince Charles’s net worth is $400 million. Where does he get his income and how did he build his massive fortune? Well, most of it comes with […] More

  • Tension headaches and migraines (picture-alliance / R. Kremming)

    Every fifth European suffers from noise

    The numbers are alarming: at least every fifth European is exposed to harmful noise. And unfortunately, in the growing cities, it doesn’t get any quieter. Environmental noise remains a common problem in Europe. For the second time since 2014, the European Environment Agency (EEA) has released a report on citizens’ noise pollution, which is a cause for […] More

  • Germany International Weeks Against Racism in Hanau | Flyer (DW / L. Hänel)

    Hanau: set an example against racism

    In Hanau, a memorial service commemorates the victims of the racist attack. The city is still processing the deed. Initiatives like the “International Weeks Against Racism” want to fight xenophobia. It was less than two weeks ago that a mentally ill man went through Hanau in a murderous manner and killed nine people for racist reasons. This attack […] More

  • China | Tourism and Corona | Hong Kong (picture-alliance / dpa / Vincent Yu)

    Corona virus hits global tourism hard

    The coronavirus has a firm grip on global tourism. The situation in Asia is particularly dramatic. The European tourism industry is also becoming increasingly nervous. A rare sight – the Louvre deserted because employees are on strike for fear of corona Empty hotels, canceled flights, closed sights. The coronavirus paralyzes global tourism. The industry is […] More

  • A woman with a face mask works at the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt in early February (Photo: Imago Images / rheinmainfoto)

    Does the coronavirus also infect German economic output?

    The BDI is concerned about recession fears of the pandemic. He fears an end to the successful series that has been going on since 2009. Meanwhile, the struggle of politicians and authorities against the coronavirus continues in many countries. The industry sees the danger of a recession in Germany increasing considerably in view of the massive consequences […] More

  • China Shanghai | People with face masks cross street (Reuters / A. Song)

    Corona is coming back to China

    The number of new infections in China is gradually declining. But now the Asian country is reporting an increase in corona cases that have been brought in from abroad. Iran is hoarding medical devices, Italy is pulling retired doctors out of retirement, and South Korea wants to spend billions in aid measures – the coronavirus still […] More

  • Russia Red Square with Kremlin in Moscow (Getty Images / AFP / V. Maximov)

    Erdogan at Putin: what’s next in Idlib?

    After the recent escalation in the Syrian province of Idlib, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan travels to Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Russia believes it is in a stronger position and risks a lot. There is currently no shortage of personal contacts between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin. Since the beginning of the year, the presidents of […] More

  • Bundestag - Government Declaration on Coronavirus - Jens Spahn (picture-alliance / dpa / B. Von Jutrczenka)

    Spahn: “Corona peak not yet reached”

    The Federal Minister of Health warns of a corona panic in Germany. However, Jens Spahn complains that the tests for the new virus in Germany took too long. The government bans the export of breathing masks. Actually, a rather boring survey of the federal government takes place at the beginning of the session in the Bundestag. This time […] More

  • Germany symbol image protective mask for corona virus (picture-alliance / press photo agency ULMER / M. Ulmer)

    Coronavirus: how it lives in quarantine in Bonn

    The first case of COVID-19 in Bonn occurred in a primary school. The students were sent home. DW editor Mikhail Bushuev also works in the home office after a short vacation. An experience report. You could say that I am under “light” quarantine. After a short vacation with my family in northern Italy, my employer asked if possible not […] More