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Neil Warnock left STUNNED as fan spots lookalike of former Sheffield United & Cardiff boss at golf club

EVEN a man with as many clubs as Neil Warnock was stunned to see a lookalike at a golf establishment.

The former Crystal Palace boss had to deny swapping the Eagles in South London for eagles in East Riding – after a photo of a “dead ringer” at a Yorkshire golf club was posted on social media.

Neil Warnock might not be too pleased with some of the comparisons made
Some social media users suggested the mystery golf fan was in fact a modern version of famous movie character Mrs Doubtfire, played by the late Robin Williams

But despite insisting he hadn’t joined the Irons, ex-Sheffield United, Leeds, Cardiff and Middlesbrough manager Warnock seemed a little unsure.

When asked on Twitter if it was him at Hornsea Golf Club, he replied: “No, but now I think I am!” – followed by a crying-with-laughter emoji.

Fans, though, got in the swing of with their own suggestions as to who the reflective-looking Warnock lookalike could be.

At least two observers compared the Hornsea mystery man to Mrs Doubtfire, the character played by Hollywood legend Robin Williams in the same-titled 1993 movie.

Mrs D was the name chosen by a divorced actor as he dressed up as a female housekeeper to stay closer to his children.

But if Warnock’s doppelganger WAS in fact the amiable family helper, then it would of course involve swapping holes in one on the golf course for two roles in one on the silver screen.

A more shocking comparison was a throwback to the 1980s – the decade when Warnock, 73, first started managing.

Referencing a British TV sci-fi series from the era, an armchair observer posted: “Thought it was Zelda from Terrahawks!”


A few fans kept it in the football family with their own lookalike verdicts.

One pondered: “Is that Simon Jordan in a Neil Warnock disguise?”

But that was followed by the weirdest clone claim of the lot in a return to the acting world.

“That’s clearly Charles Dance in a Warnock mask” … or so a creative-thinking footie follower argued.

With comments like that, Warnock might soon consider his Twitter future – having taken it on so enthusiastically since retiring from management over the summer.

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