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NBA: One new player tested positive for coronavirus in last week

For the second consecutive week, one new NBA player tested positive for coronavirus.


Of the 481 players tested for COVID-19 since March 24, one new player has returned a confirmed positive test.

One case per week seems like a reasonable baseline for this period.

The NBA has previously avoided coronavirus at an even better rate. Just two players tested positive over a three-week span in January/February.

But that level of success was achieved only through enhanced restrictions and proved to be fleeting.

Now, conditions are truly changing. Players and surrounding communities are getting vaccinated, preventing the spread of coronavirus while allowing people more freedom.

Still, it takes weeks for those vaccines to become fully effective. Unfortunately, supply and demand are both limited.

So, the NBA (and country) are heading in the right direction – while coronavirus remains a hazard. In this environment, one player testing positive per week seems to be near the center of the expected range.

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