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Miss Papua New Guinea Got Stripped Of Her Title After Posting A Twerking Video On TikTok

Fresh off from Mrs. World getting arrested for snatching Mrs. Sri Lanka’s crown comes some more pageant drama. And this one involves Miss Papua New Guinea, Lucy Maino, losing her crown over a G-rated twerking video that she posted on TikTok. Who knew that in 2021 we’d get a reboot of Vanessa Williams getting stripped of her Miss America crown over Penthouse publishing nude pictures of her that were taken before her reign?

The Guardian reports that Lucy, 25, won the title of Miss Papua New Guinea in 2019 (there was no pageant in 2020 because of coronavirus). Lucy recently took to TikTok to express her inner twerk team champion by shaking it fast and showing everyone what she was working with during a booylicious video meant for fun. But unfortunately, many were fast to criticize her actions, especially the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG, the committee who relieved her of her duties after the video surfaced.

Though twerking videos are common on the application, Maino’s now-deleted video was singled out by critics who said it was not fitting for a “role model” to share a video of herself dancing in this way.

The video was downloaded from her private account and shared on social media platforms and YouTube, where thousands of people piled on to criticise Maino.

The video can be found on YouTube and on a SCANDAL scale from 0 to THINK OF THE CHILDREN, it sits on the zero to me. Because it’s not like the camera is all up in her ass, and it looks more like she’s just excercising. Twerk the hate away, Lucy!

Luckily, even though some have been quick to criticize her, many are rallying around Lucy. And they believe that what’s happening with her speaks to the culture of violence and misogyny that’s running rampant within their country, even stating that if a man did the same thing there wouldn’t be an issue.

Many people criticised the committee for not supporting Maino after she was attacked for the video.

A women’s advocate, who did not wish to be named for fear of becoming a target of the people who harassed Maino online, said: “The committee could have handled it better by first outlining the clause that she breached as a reigning queen … I feel that they threw her under the bus and didn’t give her a chance to come out and talk. That is not the way to go.”

The United Nations also slapped down those who have sent Lucy hateful messages on social media. Lucy was part of a youth team who advocated on behalf of their country to U.N. offficials. via Facebook:

The United Nations stands to ensure that the rights of the people are at the forefront of digital safety and protection policies. While constructive criticism and dissenting views are legitimate, bullying is NEVER acceptable in any form: neither digital or in-person. We see the devastation of violence against women and children in this beautiful country. Some through bullying have lost their lives. Let’s together stop cyber bullying!

Vanessa Williams finally got an apology from the Miss America organization and it only took 32 years. So Lucy shouldn’t hold her breath while waiting for an apology… especially while twerking because that could lead to a medical emergency.

Pic: Instagram

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