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Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things as X-Men’s Phoenix in stunning image

We’ve seen Millie Bobby Brown introduced to the world of Star Wars and Harry Potter as Princess Leia and Hermione Granger in new deepfake videos. Well, now, we can add The Phoenix to the list of characters Brown should play once Stranger Things is over.

This one is a little bit of a throwback, but it’s still awesome!

Boss Logic re-imagined the Stranger Things stars as X-Men characters around the release of Stranger Things season 2.

With all the parallels between Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix and Eleven, it only makes sense that Brown would play Phoenix if the Stranger Things star was cast in the X-Men universe.

What could Millie Bobby Brown look like as Phoenix in X-Men

There have been rumors about Brown joining the MCU or the Marvel movies for a long time. Most recently, Brown was rumored to play Piper in Marvel’s Eternals. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

While promoting her latest film, Godzilla vs. Kong, Brown said there had been conversations with Marvel and DC for upcoming projects, according to Heroic Hollywood. Brown made the statement in an interview with

If Jean Grey or the Phoenix storyline is going to happen again in the future, Brown would be a favorite to play the character, we have to imagine. And, looking at the fan art from Boss Logic, it’s easy to see why!

Now, it’s hard to remove the Eleven-Phoenix similarities from the equation, I know. And, I have to think that could factor into Brown’s decision should those conversations ever happen.

We know, based on the roles we’ve seen Brown so far, it’s only a matter of time Eleven takes on a role like Phoenix. Brown is one of the biggest actresses in the world. With how talented she is, she could play — and crush — any role. That matters to Marvel and DC, so I think we’ll see Brown in one of those universes sooner rather than later.

With Disney taking over the X-Men franchise, it could be really interesting to see if Brown is in the running for any of those roles. It’s just too early to tell what Disney has planned.

Brown was filming Stranger Things season 4 recently. It’s unclear if or when she’ll be back on set of the fourth season.

Stay tuned for more news about Brown and Stranger Things season 4! We could see the fourth season later this year.

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