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Madison LeCroy Has Responded To JLo And A-Rod’s Breakup

The moment we all were expecting to happen, happened this week. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez denied us the beautiful prospect of an over-the-top expensively tacky wedding by announcing that they have split up for good A-Rod has been involved in so many cheating rumors, I guess you could say he was batting 1000 in the denial department. But one of the most recent messy situations was one involved Madison LeCroy of Bravo’s Southern Charm. Madison and A-Rod got into some FaceTiming shenanigans while he was very much still in a relationship with JLo. So of course, Madison has been asked about the breakup of J-Rod.

Page Six decided to give Madison a call yesterday to see what she had to say about JLo and A-Rod’s recent announcement that they were making the relationship transition from engaged to single. Despite the fact that Madison herself has previously stated that she’s never had any physical contact with A-Rod, compounded with the alleged situational reality that JLo allegedly didn’t even pay attention to the cheating rumors. Still, what does Madison have to say about the sad breakup of two frozen entrée tycoons? Madison has this message for them:

“I wish them the best.”

Honey, go ahead and direct all that wish energy to A-Rod only because he’s the only one who needs such optimistic thoughts. JLo is currently in the Dominican Republic filming a movie with Lenny Kravitz, a movie that takes place on the beach and likely involves Lenny in a multitude of no-shirt-required wardrobe choices. She’s already got the best situation any number of wishes could grant, she’s good.

Madison could have just declined to comment on Page Six’s inquiry, but she didn’t, because she’s a reality TV person, and I believe to qualify for such a job, your veins have to be pumping with a plasma ratio that’s about 2:1 drama to blood vessels. But still, that’s all she could do? A wish for the best? She’s on Southern Charm, a show with a history of messiness. She didn’t hint at revealing more in a series of Instagram Stories, or on the next season of her show? She didn’t play it vague with some kind of comment about “Keeping things private for the sake of all parties involved.” Not even a shameless plug for an exclusive southern-themed hand towel line with HomeGoods? What kind of reality TV star are you?!

Pic: Instagram

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