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Lil Nas X Goes To The Gayest Prison Ever In The Video For “Industry Baby”

If you expected the next music video in Lil Nas X‘s cinematic universe to piss off homophobes and the sex-negative crowd, then you were correct. Lil Nas had said himself on Twitter that the video for Industry Baby is “not for your kids” and it sure isn’t. When I guessed it would be like a gayer Oz I didn’t know how on the absolute nose I was going to be. The video features Lil Nas throwing it back with a prison shower full of naked men before taking over that same prison of hot half-naked men. All in a hot-pink prison uniform. I mean, I could never do jail time but Montero State Prison looks like maybe my type of place…

Lil Nas basically told us to “Hide ya kids, hide ya husbands,” because the Industry Baby video was coming, quite literally tweeting it was not for children in advance because of the reaction to the Satan lap dance. And the cover art looked like one of Paris Hilton‘s NFTs so I knew what I could expect: HIGH ART.

The Industry Baby video opens with Lil Nas X all shredded and tattooed with hot twerking bitches by his side. He goes on to dance and bop it all around Montero State Prison, before featured artist, Jack Harlow, hands him a tool in a book that Lil Nas X uses to break out. But he doesn’t break out he just breaks into security, where Colton Haynes seems to be getting turned on watching the Call Me By Your Name video:

And then Lil Nas X frees all the prisoners and they take over the prison. So he’s being gay and talking about prison abolition! Fox News is going to lose it! Here’s the video:

Entertainment Weekly says Lil Nas X followed up his mega gay video with a touching message to his younger self. These Gen Zs love an emotional whiplash:

And it really wasn’t just about all that prison ass, Lil Nas X also set up a bail fundraiser through the video–the Bail X Fund–which raises money for a nonprofit, the Bail Project:

Lil Nas X does not let the homophobic pearl-clutchers rest! Candace Owens probably woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat because she sensed a homosexual imbalance and started prepping rage tweets. And quick! Someone show this video to Kevin Spacey. Maybe he’ll think this is what prison is like and confess and plead guilty.

Pic: YouTube

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