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Laura Woods admits she was suspended for ‘being naughty’ and sneaking into boys’ toilets while at school

LAURA WOODS admitted she was suspended from school as a child for a “combination of naughty things”.

The ITV and talkSPORT presenter revealed one of her “strikes” came after she snuck “into the boys’ toilet”.

Laura Woods admitted she was suspended from school
Woods, 35, revealed she was suspended for a “combination of naughty things”
Woods admitted she used to climb out of the window during Spanish class, and once went into the boys’ toilets

Woods, 35, is a two-time winner of the SJA Sports Presenter of the year award.

She also received widespread plaudits for her coverage of the World Cup in Qatar.

But Woods admitted on the Happy Hour podcast that at times she was quite the troublemaker.

When asked what she was like at school, Woods said: “I got suspended [at school] for a combination of lots of naughty things.

“I climbed out of a window, but it was on the ground level. I climbed out of the window, I don’t know why.

“I climbed out the window during Spanish class, they closed the window behind me and then I would wave to my teacher through the window.

“But I’d do it without her noticing. That was the crux of it, like get out before she notices.

“And that got me in a lot of trouble, just generally being like, fairly naughty in general.


“We went into the boys’ toilet, and that was apparently really naughty as well.

“So those were all kind of strikes that led up to me being suspended.”

Woods’ work has seen her build a large following on social media.

And she recently had the perfect response to a vile sexist troll by slamming them for the size of their manhood.

Woods is a successful presenter and broadcaster
Woods recently returned from Qatar where she worked on the World Cup for ITV

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