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KSI is never going to get in the ring with me so I’ll prove I’m better by beating his coach Viddal Riley, says Jake Paul

JAKE PAUL wants to prove he is a better fighter than KSI – by beating his old coach Viddal Riley.

The American has grown doubtful that his YouTube boxing rival will face him, so is ready to instead take on his ex-trainer Riley.

Jake Paul wants to prove he is a better fighter than KSI by beating his ex-coach Viddal Riley
Viddal Riley formerly coached KSI

Paul, 25, told Sky Sports: “I think it would be super, super interesting.

“I talk about the possibility of fighting Viddal, I think it’s super interesting, especially because he was KSI’s trainer and the whole narrative between KSI and I.

“But KSI is never going to get into the ring with me. He is not taking it seriously. There’s no way he can catch up to the level that I’m at.

“So I think it would be funny to prove to the world that I’m better than KSI and beat his trainer. I think it’s definitely a possibility.

Riley, 25, guided KSI to a draw and win over Paul’s brother Logan, 27, but stopped coaching to focus on his own 6-0 career.

KSI, 29, had not fought since beating Logan in 2019 until returning to the ring in August.

He won two farcical fights in one night, beating rapper Swarmz, 25, and so-called professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda, 23.

Meanwhile, Paul is 5-0 having beaten the likes of ex-UFC pair Ben Askren, 38, and Tyron Woodley, 40.


He faces UFC legend Anderson Silva, 47, over the weekend in the toughest test of his career.

And Paul has already opened the door to a fight with Riley, believing it is a better matchup than against KSI.

He said: “It makes a lot of sense. I think we have similar records. I think the boxing world would laugh: ‘You’re going to lose.’

“I just know I would win. That’s what would be great about the fight. The shock factor.

“If we could figure out the business side of it, if we could get media partners aligned to be interested in it, then I think it’s a big fight.”

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva fight over eight rounds this weekend

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