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KSI gives scathing assessment on Deji and says brother got ‘beat up’ by Floyd Mayweather in brutally honest verdict

KSI gave a scathing assessment of his brother Deji’s exhibition with Floyd Mayweather in a brutally honest verdict.

The YouTube, rap and crossover boxing sensation was ringside in Dubai as his younger sibling was stopped inside six rounds.

YouTube star Deji next to his brother KSI

And despite Deji leaving his mark on Mayweather – in the form of a bruised left eye – KSI was left fuming with the fight.

He said on his YouTube channel: “Deji got beat up for six rounds.

“I think for me, I hated it, because I just don’t want to see my brother get beat up like that.

“It just p***** me off. I wanted to get in that ring and f*** Floyd up.

“The same situation with Alex Wassabi and Deji, it was infuriating losing to someone who I know he can beat.

“And I know a lot of you are gonna be like, ‘There’s no way Deji can beat Mayweather’, but I feel like I can beat Mayweather.”

Deji, 25, was halted on his feet following a barrage by Mayweather, 45, who was boxing in his fifth exhibition since officially retiring.

It acts as the social media star’s third loss in four bouts and despite coming up against boxing royalty, KSI said more mental strength is needed.


KSI, 29, said: “He just needs to get his mindset right.

“I don’t know, I just know he didn’t put 110 per cent into the training and into the discipline, into his mindset.

“I know he didn’t put 110 per cent in that fight. I don’t know how to make him his true self.

“I messaged him, I said, ‘Deji, you’re like Krillin, you have this hidden potential and you just don’t want to unleash it for some reason.’ ”

KSI continued: “It’s infuriating because I know just how good Deji could be – he gave f****** Mayweather, Floyd Mayweather a f***** bruise on his eye.

“Do you know how crazy that is? Deji wasn’t even at his top level and he was able to bruise Mayweather.

“So imagine if Deji just really dedicated his life to training and just took it seriously. I think he’d be a monster.”

Mayweather spent the majority of the bout showing off, chanting Deji’s name, holding up the ring card and doing PADS in between rounds.

KSI said: “Floyd was just having too much fun with it.

“He was doing pads during the break of like the second or third round.

“He was taking the p***, it was too much and it was borderline disrespectful. I just hated it.

“I am proud of Deji but I know he can do more and I feel like it was a huge life lesson for him.”

Deji was beaten in six rounds by Floyd Mayweather

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