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Knotty Knickers Breaks Stereotypical Beauty Barriers With Style

Knotty Knickers, a Canadian-based online women’s underwear subscription service, shocks the world with their audacious, yet empowering advertising campaigns.

“A woman should be a size two, be busty, be hairless, be timid, dress their age, have long hair, be flexible, says who? #getknotty”

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That statement, and what a statement it is, is proudly displayed throughout Knotty Knickers International Women’s Day advertisement, showcasing the company’s products on women you normally wouldn’t see modeling for an undergarment brand. It’s definitely not keeping up with the Kardashians, but that’s the point. Knotty Knickers is keeping it real, and the world loves them for it. Numbers don’t lie!

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“To our women – Today and every day, we celebrate YOU. We celebrate your age, your shape, your ethnicity, your ambitions, and your past, present, and future. Stay true to who you are and be who you want to be. Happy International Women’s Day.”

This beautiful and compassionate message sent shockwaves across Earth, resonating and giving life to ALL women, not just those who we’re used to seeing on ads and TV. Knotty Knickers makes it their mission to challenge what the “ideal” woman is, proudly choosing to use models with pubic hair, stretch marks, disabilities, and all other deviations from the rigid standards of their model competitors, keeping it real and keeping it human.

While going against the grain of the industry might seem counterintuitive for success and longevity of this subscription service, it has actually proven successful. Highly successful, in fact.

While stores such as Victoria Secret had shut down over 200 stores in 2020, Knotty Knickers expanded their brand footprint and became “Canada’s largest subscription service”, according to Yahoo! Finance. Forbes also sings their praises, quoting “All inclusive Knotty Knickers is the lingerie you need now”. Inc. published that Knotty Knickers could be the “largest subscription In the world”. I think you get the point. Read – Whatever Knotty Knickers is doing, it’s working.

Here’s why:

Years ago, before Knotty Knickers was the underwear empire it is today, Kristi Laurelle and Samson Daniels had a very honest conversation about underwear…

“Kristi and I were both university students at the time and we were talking one day about how inconvenient it is to shop for underwear,” says Samson Daniels, co-founder and CEO of Knotty Knickers. “In most stores, you literally have to reach into bins to find the size and style you want. It’s like digging through garbage.”

All great entrepreneurs know that successful businesses fulfill needs, and since this invasive and embarrassing underwear shopping situation was also expensive, the two decided to do something about it.

In order to maintain low cost and high-quality underwear that any and all women can wear, the young CEO’s dedicated endless hours ensuring their manufacturer’s quality was never diminished while keeping their products affordable. With their lowest priced subscription package costing less than a coffee, I’d say they hit their mark.

“All of our underwear is made from various parts of the world. The Knotty Knickers team is very picky when it comes to suppliers and manufactures. The team has vowed to never associate nor do business with manufactures with poor or inhumane work conditions. They source directly from the manufacturer, eliminating the ‘middleman’ passing on the savings to our customers. We believe underwear should never be expensive and made it our mission to provide underwear at their true, affordable price.”

Now having a great product is one thing, but how were they able to grow so fast?

We’ve all seen those ads on TV where ‘angels’ seductively strut down the catwalk wearing lingerie that gives very little to the imagination, leaving our dads and brothers’ jaws on the floor. But despite the show, we couldn’t help but notice that these ‘angels’ don’t really look like our moms, sisters, or friends… basically anyone you would bump into on a daily basis. Now if this brand is super successful, could you imagine if there was a brand that made everyone feel included in their advertising campaign?

By using real people for their ads and regularly sharing and tagging pictures posted by their subscribers, Knotty Knickers has dramatically expanded its audience, leading to over 10+ million pieces of underwear delivered since they began in 2017.

Following trends, appealing to the masses, keeping it real. Bottom line, these young CEOS just get it, and the world is better for their contributions. Their latest commercial really captures their message of their inclusive revolution.  Watch it here: LINK

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