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Kelly Osbourne Slammed “Cancel Culture”

I know we were all foaming at the mouth to hear Kelly Osbourne’s thoughts on cancel culture, and finally, she hath delivered! 36-year-old Kelly says, “Fuck cancel culture!” And while she didn’t explicitly mention mum Sharon Osbourne getting fired from The Talk for being racist, it doesn’t take a boy genius like the Young Sheldon to put two and two together.

Kelly was interviewed by Extra’s Jenn Lahmers, and she talked about how the world is “scary right now” but she’s honored to be a part of this “beautiful change”:

You know, I didn’t know what was really going on this country because I just thought that simply being not racist was enough. It’s not. It’s actually not. You have to be actively not racist and educate yourself and learn.

And don’t be afraid to make a mistake! Everybody’s so frightened of cancel culture. I say fuck cancel culture!

This is when Extra’s Jenn Lahmers chimed in with an enthusiastic “Thank youuu!” Kelly continued:

I am all about counsel culture. Counsel. Educate people. Teach people. A gentle nudge in the right direction is so much better than a public execution.

Hmmm…publicly executed? Sharon reportedly received a $10 million payout and a chance to tell her side of things on Bill Maher. Poor Anne Boleyn’s body is rolling (independently from her head) in her grave.

Kelly also talked about how she recently fell off the wagon, how great she feels after losing 90 pounds (she got weight loss surgery almost three years ago) and, of course, her new podcast. Here’s the clip of her interview with Extra’s Jenn Lahmers:

After Kelly’s Zoom interview ended, Sharon emerged from the shadows, face caked in Mommy Dearest-levels of moisturizer. She took a low-fat cookie out of her bathrobe pocket and fed it to Kelly while stroking her My Little Pony extensions. “Good girl. Good girl. Now we have Extra’s Jenn Lahmers on our side. Step one is complete.”

Pic: Instagram

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