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Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Hung Out, But They’re Just Friends, Okay!?

While Alex Rodriguez cries out tears of sorrow onto the rock-hard cum gutters of a muscled-up blond fitness influencer, Jennifer Lopez is wasting no time in getting back to the business of pulling stunts for show. When the true love kingdom of J-Rod crumbled from the weight of his rogue dick, many prayed to the Gossip Gods to reunite JLo with one of her exes. Casper Smart probably took one look at his checking account balance and prayed it would be him, but lovers of messiness tried to manifest either the return of Diddy and JLo or Bennifer 1.0! Well, JLo (seen above in 2003 proving that the real fountain of youth isn’t olive oil, it’s frosted Wet ‘N Wild eyeshadow) and Ben Affleck’s PR teams heard your payers because Ben was papped going into JLo’s house several times (not a euphemism, I think). I see JLo trying to show that amateur PR whore Ana de Armas how it’s really done!

JLo and A-Rod broke up for good last month, but according to sources, they’ve remained friendly because they’ve got an empire (in their heads) to run and their kids are close. JLo has apparently also stayed friendly with Ben. JLo and Ben met in 2001, when she was still married to Cris Judd, on the set of the flop classic Gigli. Ben slipped that extremely demure and modest, $2.5 million 6.1 -carat pink diamond ring, on her hitchin’ finger in 2002. But days before they were supposed to get married in 2003, they postponed that shit and eventually split up in early 2004. Cut to yesterday when Page Six brought us the triumphant return of the original Bennifer by posting pap pics of Ben getting out of JLo’s white Escalade and going into her L.A. mansion. It looks like Ben got custody of Rodrigo after his break-up with Ana:

A source says that JLo’s security picked Ben up at a nearby location and then dropped him off at her house. Ben stayed for a few hours before leaving. And apparently, Ben made multiple visits to her house during the day. Listen, like Rome, the rebuilding of Bennifer takes more than a day. But sources tell both TMZ and People that 51-year-old JLo and 48-year-old Ben stayed friends after their messy break-up and they’re not bumping down-low parts….yet:

A separate source who knows them both tells PEOPLE, “They are friends. They have always been friends and they have seen each other through the years.”

Okay, sure, but this is how it begins. First, we’re told they’re just hanging out as “friends.” Then they announce that they’re starring together in Gigli #2: Getting Gigli With It. Then JLo is papped wearing a $12 million 20-carat pink diamond ring on that finger. Then JLo and Ben let us know that the brand of Bennifer is back and bigger than ever by recreating this iconic ass-kissing scene in a commercial for Benefiber (Bennifer for Benefiber!):

I mean, everything in Hollywood gets rebooted eventually. So pull out your bedazzled Sidekick, Von Dutch hat, I Heart Kitson t-shirt, and book a table at The Ivy because the early-aughts are back, biatch! Booyah, homeskillet!


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