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Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Broke Up Because She Couldn’t Trust Him

Something we’ve heard throughout Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship was that JLo was about as familiar with A-Rod’s cheating rumors as she is with an Oscar nomination or a Botox needle. Which is to say, she didn’t care and wasn’t bothered about the endless rumors of A-Rod’s alleged infidelity, because she knew THE TRUTH about those rumors. As it turns out, the truth of the matter might have been that JLo did, in fact, care a lot about A-Rod’s alleged cheating ways, because a source recently told People magazine that JLo’s trust for A-Rod was in the negatives and she just couldn’t live like that.

When Jlo and A-Rod finally announced that they were over after about 4 years together, they claimed in a joint statement that they realized they worked better as friends and business partners, and that was that. But remember a month earlier, when everyone was whispering that JRod was over? One of the reasons they broke up, according to Page Six, was because JLo was super embarrassed that everyone found out her fiancé had allegedly been FaceTiming with Bravo reality person Madison LeCroy. That’s…probably got a lot to do with it. According to a friend of JLo’s, there was a lot of unresolved shit between the two. I don’t know who this friend is, but let’s all lighten the mood by reading the following quotes in Leah Remini’s voice, shall we? via People magazine:

“She insisted on [the breakup]. There are are too many issues that are unresolved,” says a friend of Lopez, who has been filming her upcoming comedy Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic over the past few months.

In the end, the sources say, Lopez could no longer fully “trust” Rodriguez, who flew to visit her in the Dominican Republic days after they publicly acknowledged on March 15 they were working through long simmering issues.

“She has been pretty miserable,” says the friend, “and didn’t think it was in her best interests to stay with Alex.”

And remember how JLo and A-Rod had to postpone their wedding several times, and everyone assumed it was because of the pandemic? Again, that probably had a lot to do with it, but it might also have been because they just weren’t that crazy about each other towards the end.

“They both liked spending more time together as a family, but it was difficult to keep that special spark when they saw each other every day,” another insider says of the couple, who were forced to cancel two wedding ceremonies because of the ongoing pandemic.

As for the alleged cheating, it’s pointless to speculate whether A-Rod was rounding random bases or not. One of People’s sources say that JLo’s problem was with the fact that there was merely talk of cheating.

While sources say infidelity wasn’t the cause of their breakup, “whether or not he has cheated doesn’t matter,” says a music source. “She won’t tolerate the fear of it in the air between them.”

Um, wait. JLo wouldn’t tolerate the fear of cheater chatter? Does she know who she got with? There were cheating rumors about three seconds after they got together. Not to mention that it’s kind of his thing. Like, this is a guy who famously got caught cheating at work. I bet you can’t even play Monopoly with A-Rod without keeping one eye on him, to make sure he isn’t swiping Community Chest cards and hotels. And how can you reasonably build a life with someone that you can’t trust around a board game?


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