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James Charles Accused Of Creeping On Yet Another Underage Boy

Last month, 21-year-old beauty influencer James Charles, who has 27 million Instagram followers and 25 million YouTube subscribers, vowed to ask for ID whenever he talks to a young dude on social media. When I was 21, I didn’t need to check IDs because I’d immediately get the sneezes and hives when around anyone who could not legally buy me a drink at the bar. I’m allergic to those fetuses! But James Charles likes ’em younger, and he promised to make sure they’re legal after a 16-year-old boy accused him of grooming and asking for naked pics. According to James, the boy told him he was 18 and he unfollowed the boy after finding out he was underage. But that wasn’t the first time that James Charles has been accused of creeping on underage teenagers and it wasn’t the last time either. Another 16-year-old boy has accused James Charles Dickinson (that’s his born name, for real) of flirting with him.

As Vulture’s timeline of the “James Charles Accusations And Controversies” points out, several underage teenagers have come out to say that James got flirty with them even after finding out that they were underage. And this week, a teenager who goes by Jake Cherryy on social media, shared messages between him and James Charles on Snapchat. When James found out that Jake Cherryy posted their messages, he pulled the same shit he pulls when he’s accused of creeping on youngins. The beauty influencer world’s answer to Kevin Spacey claimed that Jake Cherryy lied about being 18 and did it to bait him. Note: This tweet says that Jake Cherryy is 15 but apparently he’s really 16.

James Charles hasn’t publicly responded to Jake Cherryy’s call out yet, but he has the time since he’s lost one of his jobs. James hosted the first season of YouTube’s reality competition show, Instant Influencer, but Variety reported a few days ago that he’s not coming back for season two. A YouTube rep gave this statement:

“We can confirm Season 2 of the YouTube originals series ‘Instant Influencer’ will take a new creative direction, including a new host. We thank James for a great first season, and look forward to building on the show’s success by expanding the opportunity to showcase a diversity of creators across the YouTube platform in our upcoming season.”

And after the newest accusations against James Charles made the rounds, Twitter user KEEM tweeted this clip from July 2020 of James on the podcast Impaulsive. James complained about how the guys he talks to online never want to meet in person even after he offers to fly them to L.A. since they can’t afford a plane ticket because they’re still in “high school” or college. RECORD SCRATCH. But I guess James didn’t want Chris Hansen to drop in and drag him off to jail, because he quickly corrected himself and said “SENIOR” in high school.

It doesn’t look like James is going to quit talking to underage teenagers, so that is why in their next update, Apple needs to include a new parental control called Anti-James Charles. Every time James Charles DMs with an underage boy, the underage boy’s phone will immediately blast the sound of James Charles “rapping.” The underage boy will quickly drop his phone and run far, far away.


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