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Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva ON after UFC icon passes MRI scan and medical exams after UFC legend’s fitness was assessed

ANDERSON SILVA has been deemed medically fit to fight Jake Paul after passing MRI scan and medical exams.

The pair are due to fight over eight rounds in Arizona this weekend.

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva facing off ahead of their fight

But Silva, 47, caused concern after saying he was knocked out two times in training for the 187lb catchweight clash with Paul, 25.

The UFC legend – speaking at the open workout – later clarified that it was just kidology and lost in translation.

But the Arizona commission reacted by organising a meeting at 6.30pm local time to discuss the claims.

Silva took an MRI scan on Wednesday which along with previous medical exams which all came back with “pristine” results.

Commissioner Ara J. Feinstein, a trauma surgeon and ringside doctor, passed the Brazilian fit to fight.

He said: “Given all the work we’ve done on concussion protocol and emphasis we’ve been placing on fighter safety, it just left me really concerned.

“However, once I had further information, the letter from Silva, the written statement from his trainer, and more importantly, the results of the medical examinations and the approval of the physician reading the report, I became much more comfortable, and I have no objections to Mr. Silva participating in the event this Saturday.”

Yancy Jencsok, the commission’s legal rep, added: “If commission has no concerns, they don’t need to do anything at all.”


Paul reacted to the news by tweeting: “Stop playing with me! #PaulSilva is 1000% happening.”

Silva initially addressed the comments when speaking to media members just three days out from the fight.

He said: “Listen guys, let me tell you something very important.

“When I talk about the guys doing the hard sparring and the knockout, it was just joking.

“Because I’m training with the young kids and the guys asked me, and I don’t put nothing bad in my mind, and the guys say, ‘Oh, Anderson take knockout in training.’

“Of course not. I just like to help and put my partners up, that’s the question.”

Silva made the controversial comments during an interview with MMA Weekly.

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He said: “I’m training hard for win — I’m training with the good boxers, high-level, and five guys come to help me.

“And the last sparring with [my sparring partner], he is knocked me out two times, and when I finish my training, I talked to my coach and even said, ‘Coach, let me tell you something, why the guys knock me out two times?’

“And the coach said, ‘You need to prepare for war, and you prepare for war.’”

Silva’s trainer Luiz Carlos Dorea denied the comments and Silva later released a statement addressing the situation.

He wrote: “After seeing the reports and concern for me, I’d like to clarify two important things. One, I was NEVER knocked out in sparring.

“I misspoke in that interview as I sometimes do when interviewing in English and exaggerated the normal back-and-forth action that occurs in sparring.

“Second, this sparring session I referenced was in early September.

“The interview with MMA Weekly was done on Sept. 13 and, for some reason, just released this week. So, it wasn’t recent.”

Anderson Silva has been passed fit to fight Jake Paul

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