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“It’s sad how Muslims suddenly became our enemies.” Traditionalist Cries Out

"It's sad how Muslims suddenly became our enemies." Traditionalist Cries Out

The Isese devotee who was bullied by a Muslim group, Majlisu Shabab li Ulamahu Society, in Ilorin, into canceling a scheduled Isese Festival in the state,Yeye Ajesikemi Omolara, has decried religious conflicts in the country.

Recall that Yeye Omolara was harassed in July by Muslim clerics who stormed her home, claiming to have been sent by the Emir of Ilorin, to warn her against proceeding with her scheduled Isese festival.

Reacting to the harrassment and how cancelling the festival affected her, Yeye Omolara, said, “I canceled my festival because I want peace to reign. It’s sad how Muslims suddenly became our enemies.

We have been cohabiting for a long time without issues, and traditionalists have been in Ilorin for a long time, it’s really sad that we cannot practice our faith in peace among the Muslims, they see us as threats whereas we are peace-loving people.

“Sincerely I do not know why they see us as a danger or threat to them, because honestly, I am surprised. Yoruba Muslims have always been reasonable and peaceful, the sudden hatred is a mystery. Every Yoruba has its foundation in Isese except we want to deceive ourselves.”

She concluded.

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