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Imole : Who Killed Mohbad?

Imole : Who Killed Mohbad?
Imole : Who Killed Mohbad?

By Wisdom Nwedene

In this article, we look at how popular Nigerian Singer, , Ilerioluwa Oladimeji professionally known as Mohbad accused his boss Naira Marley and the record label of being after his life before he died.

Imole which is a slang which the singer is known for has come to stay to millions of his fans.

Mohbad or the king of Imolezation who is just 27 -old suddenly died on Tuesday with many of his fans accusing Naira Marley of killing him.

In a distressing video obtained by 9NEWS NIGERIA, Mohbad could be seen lamenting about his life which may be in danger as he struggles to make a conversation with a group of people.

“I didn’t know these people have been hating on me; they have been doing bad bad things on me. Because of this issue; everybody in the whole world please help me, if I die like this, it is Marlian Music and Naira Marley that killed me…”

Who Killed Mohbad? (King Of Imole Or Imolezation)

According to sources, Mohbad sadly passed away from “an ear infection” . Sources from the singer’s team said Mohbad took a trip to the hospital in the early hours of Tuesday, September 12, for treatment, after which he was administered an injection.

The source said Mohbad was taken to the hospital after sustaining injuries however, he “reportedly passed out and did not wake up after.” Reports also claim that the singer died from a middle ear infection called Otitis. This causes immense redness, swelling, and excess fluid in one’s eardrum.

Mohbad Once Attempted Committing Suicide

In a chat with popular media personality, Chude Jideonwo, another singer and friend to the late Mohbad, Bella Shmurda said Mohbad attempted to commit suicide during his ordeal but was prevented by friends.

He said, “There was a time, me and Mohbad were in an apartment and Mohbad was like he wanted to jump from the upstairs because of the issues he was having with his record label. We held him by the window. Mohbad had almost jumped, it was his girlfriend that entered the room and saw him sitting down at the window.”

Who Is Mohbad?

Mohbad or king of Imole had been a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, known for his distinctive blend of pop, Afrobeat, and hip-hop. He also gained recognition for his talent as a songwriter and lyricist.

The Mohbad released his debut album titled “Imole,” which achieved considerable commercial success in 2022. The album featured hit tracks like “See My Benz,” “Kimi,” and “Ronaldo,” solidifying his position in the industry. He also released a song titled Feel Good which was a hit in the music industry.

How Mohbad And Naira Marley Trouble Started

The king of Imole, Mohbad’s management announced his exit from Naira Marley’s record label on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 as his legal team released a statement asserting that Mohbad’s exit was as a result of the constant attacks he received, which were allegedly orchestrated by Naira Marley, and unpaid royalties since 2019.

Mohbad exit from the record label comes weeks after he took to Twitter on October 5, to reveal bloodied bodies, claiming that it was as a result of being assaulted by the Marlian crew, because he requested to have his manager changed.

“Just because I want to change my manager who is their brother, see what they did to me at Marlian House,” he had tweeted, saying “World pls help me oo I’m dying inside.”

Revealing that he was at the hospital for a CT Scan for head impact and chest X-ray as a result of the assault, he added “I’m not high oo cos that is what dey always say just to die down everything.”

Mohbad accused Naira Marley of being present during the assault and doing nothing to stop it.

The artiste also accused Marlian Music record label of refusing to pay him his royalties from monetised intellectual content and advances as mutually agreed since 2019.

“In contravention of the terms of the arrangement between our client and yourself, you have failed to pay any advances as mutually agreed by both parties since 2019 till date;

“You have also failed to pay all royalties due our client from all his intellectual property works monetized, released and utilised by you from 2019 till date,” the document read.

Mohbad has over two million followers on Audiomark and millions of views on YouTube.

Mohbad’s death comes as a shock and an immense loss to the Nigerian music industry, leaving a void that will be deeply felt by fans and peers alike.


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