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Funnel clouds spotted, but none touch down in London area: Environment Canada

Environment Canada has confirmed several funnel clouds sightings in the London area Monday afternoon.

Meteorologist Geoff Coulson says they were able to confirm sightings of funnel clouds just northwest of London, as well as in the Waterford area west of the city, and towards Exeter and Mitchell to the north.

“No cases that we are aware of any of these funnels making contact with the surface and becoming weak tornados, but Monday was an environment where these funnel clouds could form,” said Coulson.

“Once we saw them start forming, that’s when the forecast centre decided to give folks a heads up that these funnel clouds could be around, but on a day like yesterday it was unlikely they would actually form a full land spout-type tornado.”

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Environment Canada had issued a weather advisory Monday afternoon about the potential for funnel clouds to form.

“It’s not a full-fledged tornado-type statement issued for these situations, but at least a weather advisory to give folks a heads up that they could see a funnel cloud that could briefly become a land spout tornado,” said Coulson.

“Certainly something to avoid, but not the same intensity of the types of tornado that form from strong thunderstorms.”

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Coulson says similar conditions are expected throughout the week.

“Still going to be quite unsettled, a similar weather pattern, a little bit unstable, the forecasters will be keeping an eye on the situation, and if there is a possibility of more funnel cloud activity, we may in fact see another weather advisory being issued over the next couple of days.”

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