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Fans all say same thing as Sky Sports pundits for Man Utd vs West Ham clash bizarrely wear identical shoes

YOU don’t know what you are shoeing!

Fans were stunned to see Sky Sports pundits all toeing the same line with identical footwear at Manchester United’s 1-0 win over West Ham.

Viewers put the boot in when they saw the matching footwear

Host David Jones found sole mates in Louis Saha, Jamie Redknapp and Gary Neville.

They each wore comfy-looking casual blue trainers with a white rim.

And one armchair viewer posted: “What the hell is going on with the footwear on Sky Sports??? All the same shoes!!!”

Another asked: “Where do pundits buy their pundit shoes?”

A stunned follower of footwear fashion wrote: “I never knew Sky Sports had their own brand of shoes.”

But one observer expressed relief: “You all got the message about the shoes then.”

It remains a mystery whether the shoe love-in resulted from the pundits all having the same trainer thought or was just a freaky coincidence.

It’s something of a shoedunit, in fact.


But viewers rated it a load of cobblers.

As Sky’s experts analysed the game, fans assessed their feet – and decided the matching footwear was a toe-curling effort.

One said: “Why are they doing it? Get a grip, boys.”

Another posted: “Pundit shoes out in force tonight.

Another wondered: “Has a Sky Sports commentators shoe sponsorship deal been announced that we’ve missed?”

So there was a clear message to the pundits… Do a shoe-turn and wear what you like.

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