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Bunchberry: A local giftbox company ‘Made of Canada’

As pilots who fly in remote northern locations, Katrina and Riley Epp have seen many parts of the country undiscovered by many Canadians.

“We often talk about how lucky we are to see so many parts of Canada that many people won’t see,” Katrina said.

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These thoughts sparked an idea between the couple to start a company that would bring together many aspects of different industries found across our vast country.

“We were like, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a box that brought, like, every part of Canada to people,” she explained.

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That’s where Bunchberry began.

Katrina began getting in touch with small businesses across the country ane combining them into the Bunchberry gift box, which features one item from each of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories.

“As long as we can get things that are unique to the province or territory, that’s kind of what Bunchberry is,” Katrina explained. “Actually, the Bunchberry is also the national flower of Canada.”

“All of the products that Katrina found,” husband Riley added. “She’s really put lots of effort that is ‘Made of Canada.”

A fitting way for what quickly became the company’s slogan.

Although this is the first business the pair have built from the ground up, small and local businesses are something that are both near and dear to them. Both of their parents are small business owners themselves.

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“I think now more than ever small businesses need to be supported,” Riley explained. “You can see all of the closures across the country from the pandemic,” he continued. “Just us being able to help that little bit by supporting 16 small businesses, it’s really great to see and it’s very important.”

Despite the enjoyment that they’ve gotten from providing a small slice of Canadiana to the rest of the country, they’ve gotten even more enjoyment out of finding another goal that they’re both passionate about.

“It’s really excelled our relationship, on the next level,” Riley said. “Being able to relate to each other as pilots, but now really connecting in owning a small business together.”

“With the box, it’s kind of that creativity that we lack in our daily jobs,” Katrina explained. “You get in trouble if you try to get creative in the flight deck,” she chuckled. “So, it’s really pushed us, and we’ve definitely grown doing this.”

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