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BREAKING NEWS: Sofia Richie Had To Leave An “Extremely Awkward” Pilates Class Because Amelia Hamlin Was There

High School Drama Alert! And well, that makes sense since these two were in high school not that long ago. But 22-year-old Sofia Richie had to leave her regular pilates class early because–GASP!–her ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old Scott Disick‘s new girlfriend, 19-year-old Amelia Hamlin, was there. OMG, you guys, can you believe it? She had to miss pilates! But sources say it would have been “extremely awkward.” Extremely?! Oh, phew! I’m sure that yoga class trauma would have reverbed throughout Sofia’s whole being!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie were on-and-off for a few months in 2020 before breaking up for good last May. Then he continued his theme of dating girls who didn’t know what Y2K is, or weren’t alive for it, and hopped onto Amelia Hamlin by November. And E!  says that on Wednesday, Sofia ran into Amelia at Forma Pilates in Los Angeles.

Imagine that? Two members of the Attention Whore Economy meeting up at a celebrity pilates studio? Well much like the underappreciated hit from Kylie Minogue‘s album Aphrodite, it was Too Much for Sofia and she left after a few minutes. A source explained to E! what was going on:

“It was a very awkward situation for Sofia and she didn’t know Amelia was also going to be taking class at the same time. She just wanted to avoid the situation all together so that’s why she left… Sofia has been going to Forma Pilates longer than Amelia and didn’t think they would have any run-in issues.” (According to Vogue, Sofia’s been taking the class since at least 2019.)

“It would have been extremely awkward if they saw each other.”

When Amelia and Scott first got together sources claimed there were “no hard feelings” between him and Sofia. And Sofia is also dating a former “family friend,” 27-year-old Elliot Grainge, who she thinks is “hilarious and loves that he is a chill guy.”

But really there is no reason, Sofia just felt awkward since she and Amelia “run in the same circles.” So shouldn’t she be used to Amelia? Or maybe with Amelia’s new tan Sofia is thrown off? Hey, it is like acclimatizing to a whole new ethnicity person.

Well, Sofia did allegedly have to break up with Scott because he wouldn’t pick her over his ex and mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian. But I wonder how the Forma Pilates War will end? A street fight? Passive-aggressive social media posts? Sofia permanently changing her pilates day from Wednesday to Thursday? Oh god! 2021 doesn’t need any more CHAOS!


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