• Your Health & You

    Your Health & You0

    Health as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. We all have a role to play in living a healthy life. We would examine some important aspects of our daily lives which affect our state of

  • Your guide to malaria Prevention

    Your guide to malaria Prevention0

    Malaria prevention has always been a consideration for expats and travellers alike, but there have been reports of a treatment-resistant strain of the disease gradually sweeping through Southeast Asia. First encountered in Cambodia in 2007, this so-called ‘super’ malaria – which is resistant to typical antimalarial treatment – has now been recorded in Thailand, Laos

  • You and Your Teeth

    You and Your Teeth0

    Habits that damage your teeth Chewing on ice: Ice is natural and sugar free but chewing on hard, frozen cubes damages the teeth Bedtime bottles: Giving a baby a bedtime bottle of formula can put new teeth on a path to decay. Grinding the teeth:  This is a habit that can wear teeth over time. This habit is

  • Writer and translator Mirjam Pressler is dead

    Writer and translator Mirjam Pressler is dead0

    As a translator, she was internationally known. Most famous: her German version of the “Diary of Anne Frank”. After a long illness, the teen book author Mirjam Pressler died at the age of 78. Mirjam Pressler has written more than 30 children’s and teen books such as “Malka Mai”, “When Happiness Is Needed, Put Him a Chair”,

  • Wirecard – fraud or stock market manipulation?

    Wirecard – fraud or stock market manipulation?0

    The story of Wirecard and a billion-dollar loss on the stock markets could be a lesson on how to push up and down stock prices and earn. It could also be fraud. Only since the fall in the most important German stock market index , represented by the DAX, and then last Friday, a crash of almost 40

  • Why you should not give Facebook his mobile number

    Why you should not give Facebook his mobile number1

    The so-called two-factor authentication is intended to better protect online accounts from attacks. Facebook also offers the procedure – the promised security but has its price. Many Facebook users have linked their account to their phone number – that carries risks, privacy advocates warn Data protection did not appear to be a high priority on Facebook

  • Why World Bank President Jim Yong Kim quit prematurely

    Why World Bank President Jim Yong Kim quit prematurely0

    Jim Yong Kim leaves his post as chief of the World Bank this February 1st. His premature departure shows how difficult the development bank is to position itself in a globalized world. When Jim Yong Kim announced his surprise retirement in early January, he justified his decision with personal reasons. He wanted to enter a “company” and

  • Why measles are so dangerous0

    No, measles is not a pure childhood disease, and there is no need to mess around with measles. An infection can be life-threatening – for children and adults. First signs of possible measles infection are red, itchy spots. First and foremost, they are visible behind the ears. Three days before they appear, the amount of viruses is greatest. The

  • Why Germany’s dream of handball gold burst

    Why Germany’s dream of handball gold burst0

    For two weeks, Germany hovered on a cloud of handball euphoria, even Chancellor and President outed themselves as fans. But in the semifinals is the last stop. The reasons are pretty profane. Uwe Gensheimer just sits there. The captain of the German national handball team has tilted his head down, sweat dripping from his soaking wet hair on

  • Why China does not want a new INF contract

    Why China does not want a new INF contract0

    The end of the important arms control agreement between the US and Russia is sealed. Now many eyes are turning to a country that has not been involved in the treaty so far: China. If two quarrel, the third is happy. This proverb may suit many situations, but China is not pleased with China’s exit from the