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Best Health Apps to Download in 2022

There is an app for everything!

Mobile apps are everywhere and have become an integral part of our life. Millions of apps are available on the iOS and Android stores; the health apps category is one of the most popular. According to the report of ​JMIR mHealth and uHealth​ f 58% of people have health apps on their mobile devices. According to the digital health startup Quin, 37% of people started using health apps. The finest health apps will assist you in achieving your objectives, whether they are to measure your steps with a pedometer, master a new skincare routine, improve your eating habits, or find a moment of calm. In case if your need a custom app, you can partner with an iOS app development company to get your app.


Health Tap

If you frequently Google health symptoms and worries, this app will be a perfect choice for you because it provides answers to countless inquiries from actual doctors on a huge range of issues. A doctor will respond within 24 hours. In case you have a very urgent query and need an answer ASAP. Then you can use the premium option to pay and connect with a doctor. This app also allows you to create live sessions with consultants, dentists, and phycologists. You can get the advice by showing your lab reports.


These days mental health issues are the major problems for all. When you have a packed schedule, it might be difficult to meet with a mental health expert. Talkspace aims to eliminate this problem by making it simple for you to connect with qualified therapists who are the best fit for you and your particular needs. A questionnaire that asks about your needs, preferences, goals, etc., is the first step in the process. The application then connects you with various therapists, so you may pick the one who feels most comfortable (or request more options be sent your way). Outside of sessions, you can also message your therapist up to five times per week.

Head Space

People today seek to escape the stress of their regular work, daily tasks, marital issues, and other things. When you wish to adopt a happier or calmer mindset, no software performs better than Headspace. You must give Headspace a try because it offers a variety of meditation programs that raise your mental performance and direct your thoughts in a useful direction while reducing stress. This app is all about receiving a meditation that can change your life combined with daily activities customized to the users’ minds. According to reports, the software has reduced peoples’ stress levels by 14% in only around 10 days.


If you enjoy jogging and want to keep track of how many miles you’ve covered or how your pace has improved, this app keeps it simple and offers a strong running community. Additionally, it has customized training schedules to accommodate your schedule and assist you in achieving your objective. Additionally, users have access to guided workouts, can monitor their progress, establish objectives, follow a plan, listen to audio, and track their efforts. Thanks to Apple Watch integration, Bluetooth compatibility, fitness tracker connection, and Apple Health integration, it’s simple to sync your data across devices and apps.

Hello Heart

The majority of people do not enjoy taking their blood pressure; they view it as a job. However, this Apple Watch software will still let you live a leisurely lifestyle while simultaneously monitoring your vital signs and keeping an eye on your blood pressure and hypertension right from your wrist. The primary care doctor can then use this information to take the required action as needed. This application also monitors your exercise, glucose levels, and blood pressure.


One of the most well-liked step trackers available is Fitbit, and the companion app may be used without a hardware tracker. It allows you to track your steps, distance traveled, calories burnt, and more using the Fitbit app, the iPhone’s accelerometer, and GPS data. You may also monitor your weight, heart rate, and sleeping patterns with suitable peripherals. You may check your position on the Fitbit Challenge leaderboards and share your daily workouts with pals. Setting fitness objectives simplifies understanding where you are going and determining whether you need to exert more effort to achieve them.


Otter offers a unique perspective on food logging. The majority of trackers in this field are preoccupied with numbers and caloric intake, which can be discouraging and prevent you from reflecting on the proper things. Otter, in comparison, emphasizes images and manual notes and challenges you to rethink your approach to eating. Every time you eat, you’re supposed to take a picture of your food. You can offer a rating and some succinct criticism. Otter’s main objective is to develop a scrollable visual representation of your dietary habits. This is much more enjoyable and can help you see trends and make wiser decisions.

Better Stop Suicide

The Better Stop Suicide app uses psychological strategies to assist those who are considering suicide by promoting a slowing down, calming down, and rational cognitive process. However, the greatest thing you can do in an emergency scenario if you feel out of control is to dial 911 or a suicide hotline. You can record audio messages for yourself, find audio to help you fall asleep, listen to calming audio files created by mental health professionals, and bookmark crucial contacts for convenient access. You can learn how to analyze your intrusive thoughts with the software. This can assist you in resisting the need to take whatever you think at face value.


With this post, we hope your quest for the top health tracking apps is over. These apps are now required to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, regardless of whether one is tracking their health, maintaining their health, losing weight, tracking their sleep, or anything else. There will be more opportunities to encounter influenza, viruses, and pandemics in the upcoming years. Therefore, if you are interested in the health and wellness industry and seeking healthcare iOS app development services, you can take help from online companies.

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