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An 8-year-old started her own business to buy a tablet

Eight-year-old Haley Maillet dreamed of having her own Samsung Tablet, with an S-Pen, so she and her mother started brainstorming.

“I almost sold 300 rice krispie squares,” says the young entrepreneur.

It took Maillet about 30 days to raise $750 selling treats, surpassing her goal of $500.

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Her mother, Kelsie Maillet is a business woman herself, with an online business called “Royal Finds,” where she sells various items. She created a tab on her site called “Haley’s Corner,” where her daughter can post treats (and now toys) that are for sale.

“The treats were something I’ve come across looking for something to sell for my business, but I thought, probably not,” says Maillet.

“It made sense for her to try and maybe sell them because it was something that she would be able to manage on her own.”

“It’s a unicorn donut rice krispies square, it’s REALLY good,” her child says, displaying a treat excitedly.

Her mother explains that she bought the treats in bulk off of a wholesale website, and once her daughter started to sell a lot, she repaid her mom and kept the remaining profits.

Everything left went into savings.

“YES!,” exclaims young Maillet in response to the question of “is it good?”, as she displays more of her treats.

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Glued to the tablet already, Maillet hopes to keep selling treats and other items off her mom’s website so she can fill up her new bedroom with things.

You can find the treats, and toys online:

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