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All You Need to Know About Shitcoin

As per the recent popularity of cryptocurrencies, which gained the highest level, it seems that the world is shifting toward a new digital form.  All the work and activities are done online only nowadays. Things we never imagined are done online today. People are using the internet and devices for almost all their work. We are all depending on the network to do all our work. This same trend goes on in the field of investing and transactions. Earlier, people used to invest in shares of different top companies to earn a little extra money in addition to their salaries. Initially, a few people were interested in investing as it was a significant risk. And, of course, you could suffer losses if the investment is made incorrectly. But nowadays, people are investing in cryptocurrency. With the new and improved bit revolution, you can now get more profits on bitcoin trading.

What exactly is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is nothing but a virtual currency that exits digitally. It is a kind of online currency that is not present physically but exists in the online medium of Blockchain. This currency does not need any bank verification for the transactions. People can send and buy crypto from one another directly without any intermediates. People now do not have to go through several in-between processes to send or receive virtual currency.

All the transactions of cryptocurrency do not have any physical exchange proof. All the transactions are noted by the database of the site that you are using to exchange the cryptocurrency. It has a virtual public ledger to note down all the transactions done by people. Cryptocurrency is safe to use as all the exchanges are encrypted. Hence it is named cryptocurrency. To view the high transaction level, coding is required. Any average person does not do that. Professionals are hired to do the job, and they make sure to make the best level of coding system that is not easy to damage.

Cryptocurrency is in great demand nowadays as an investment asset due to its high value. People are investing in cryptocurrency on a large scale and are gaining a large percentage of profit.

What is Shitcoin?

Shitcoin is nothing but a type of cryptocurrency that has no value and is of no purpose. Shitcoins were made after the development of bitcoin. These are just meme tokens or scams. As it is a meme coin any random name for it is suitable. So, it is named Shitcoin. Shitcoin was developed as a joke and is made with the exact theme. Shitcoin’s social media name is Shitcoin69. Shitcoin is often used due to bad investments. Shitcoin is not valued due to low investing interest and investing failure.

What is so special about shitcoin?

If Shitcoin has no purpose and use why it was created and what makes it special and unique? Let us find out about it further.

  • As the name suggests, shitcoin is used because of poor investments and loses all its value because of wrong decisions.
  • The shitcoin white paper, also known as toilet paper, was created to make a medium to exchange the rotted assets that are of no value now.
  • It is also used for selling NFTs (non-fungible tokens).
  • This makes cryptocurrency transactions easy and holds very low to no value. All the useless crypto and of no importance are exchanged easily using shitcoin.


Shitcoin is not made with seriousness or with the purpose of any serious trading. It was solely made as a joke. You can’t make any profits from this trading. Even if you are buying shitcoin, all you are buying is a currency with no value.

Therefore, buying this currency is not a good choice as you will gain nothing from it. You have to spend a 15% fee to buy and sell a shitcoin which is not worth it. The fee to buy the shitcoin is 6%, and the fee for selling the shitcoin is 9%. All the money collected as fees is used for the mobility of the market as there is always a need for money to make the transactions work smoothly and for the market’s liquidity. There is no transferring fee for the shitcoin, but there is a fee for buying and selling it, as mentioned above. If you are serious about the trading purpose, you should not buy this currency as it will provide you only losses and nothing else. That’s very much all about

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