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A guide on popular sports betting prop bets

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Proposition betting is one of the betting types that you can enjoy in online betting games. For sure, proposition bets are fun. With proposition betting, you can have many opportunities, and it is almost endless.

Moreover, It gives you the kind of thrill and excitement as the results are sometimes random and only rely on your luck. Aside from entertainment, betting is more fun when you have the winning odds. That is when you have a good proposition betting strategy.

What is prop betting anyway?

Prop bet or proposition bet is also known as novelty bets or side bets. Proposition bet comprises a wide variety of bets. But generally, proposition bet refers to different bets that are made without concern for the game’s direct outcomes. It is instead a bet that is made on how often the occurrences in the game happen.

This may be confusing, but as you go through this article, you will be able to get an idea of what proposition bets are. Here are some of the popular proposition betting games online that would help you formulate your betting strategy.

Yes or no prop bets

In many proposition bets, it is usually made in the form of a question. This prop bet is one of those. It is one of the popular prop bets because it was just so easy as it was just a straight decision. You just have to bet on the odds of yes or no from the given question. Questions like, “Will my team get the first score?” “Yes or No?” “Will there be overtime?” or  “Will there be a penalty kick?” were the famous examples to create a Prop bet.

Toss coin

Toss coin is the most widely popular prop bet and is commonly offered during the Big Game by bookmakers. Many bookmakers out there offer a wide variety of proposition bets aside from toss coins such as Unibet. In betting for the toss coin, you just have to choose or bet on which side of the coin will be on the top as the coin is flipped. Is it head? Or is it tail? You have a 50/50 chance of winning this bet. If you bet on the top side of the coin, you win.

Leading score

This prop bet is commonly prevalent in basketball games. It is a bet on an individual player to which player will gain the largest score in the game. Therefore, it is not about which team wins the game.

You can only focus on a single player that you bet on. If you bet on this kind of proposition bet, you need to know and further research players in the game to get the winning odds.

First score

This proposition bet also requires background knowledge of the team’s performance and each player to increase the chance of winning. In this prop bet, you have to bet on which team will score first. This would be harder than the leading score prop bet, but this would allow you to build a slow and steady profit.

Final thoughts

Being a sports betting enthusiast needs more than just having a solid plan. It means you have to keep up with player injuries and other related news to ensure total profitability in player prop bets. However, it all comes down to the small details that make or break the experience; it’s up to you to figure out which combination suits your betting and analysis style in Prop bets.

Story by Caleigh Martin

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