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A day in the life of Jake Paul: YouTube star takes us inside his brutal training schedule ahead of Anderson Silva fight

JAKE PAUL has such a hectic training schedule he barely has time to eat lunch as the boxing star gave an insight into his daily routine.

The YouTuber-turned boxer returns over the weekend in Arizona against UFC legend Anderson Silva, live on Showtime PPV.

Jake Paul training ahead of his fight with Anderson Silva
He faces the UFC legend in Arizona
Jake Paul hitting the bag in his Puerto Rico gym

And for the biggest fight in his 5-0 career, Paul is cutting no corners in camp, whether that be in the gym or recovery.

The American, based in sunny Puerto Rico, has given SunSport an exclusive look into his training regime, running down a day in the life.


Paul conducts his sparring sessions at night, to get his body accustomed to fighting at that time.

So he likes to lay in in until midday after a good night’s sleep, before preparing for the rest of the day.

He said: “Usually I wake up around 1pm. We train a lot of times at night, we spar at night to sort of mimic the fight. 

“I wake up and will do some sort of workout if I’m not sparring at night and that can be mitts, shadow boxing. 

Jake Paul on a run in sunny Puerto Rico
Jake Paul hitting pads with co-trainer Danny Smith
Jake Paul during a neck strengthening exercise

“Then after that we usually do abs, neck and a jog. Or weight training.” 

Paul fills up on a high-protein breakfast of eggs on toast and often swerves lunch.

He revealed: “Breakfast is just like an omelette, with one piece of toast. 

“And then sometimes I’ll skip lunch, I’m not really a big lunch person and I think that sort of helps me drop weight.”

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After a morning session, Paul focus on recovery and makes use of all the state-of-the-art equipment at his disposal.

He has a theralight bed that he will lay in, used to boost energy levels.

Another technique Paul favours is swapping from his ice bath and hot tub, which lessens muscle fatigue, aiding recovery for injuries.

Revealing his routine, he said: “I have a stretch therapist, I go into the red light bed, I have a theralight bed that I use. 

Jake Paul in an ice bath
He will then swap to his hot tub
Jake Paul in a ozone sauna

“Then I’ll come home, drink some protein right into the ice bath, then I go ice tub, hot tub, ice bath.

“That usually recharges me right away.”

As established, Paul snubs a big lunch meal and instead enjoys something light.

He said: “I’ll usually have like a snack, maybe some fruit and a snack usually like a high-fibre protein bar.”

The ozone sauna is used for recovery
Jake Paul in a theralight bed
Jake Paul using natural oxidative therapy


If Paul is not sparring at night, he goes back to his roots with content creating.

He has a new podcast, called BS With Jake Paul, as well as launching micro-betting app Betr, giving him a focus outside of boxing.

Paul said: “Pretty much the rest of the day I’m either doing interviews like these or working on Betr or my show BS with Jake Paul, which is my new endeavour. 

“Then there will be some sort of recovery at night.” 

Jake Paul during a sparring session
The American likes to spar at night
Jake Paul receiving advice from his coaching team

Paul is coming down from 190lb to 187lb for a catchweight clash with Silva, 47, so is watching what he eats for dinner.

He said: “Dinner is like chicken kenowa, steak kenowa, fish, rice, not a lot of carbs. So it’s been a really tough diet coming down to 187lb. 

“But we’re wanting to go it the right way, where I can wake up on the morning of the weigh in and have pasta if I want to. 

“I weigh like 195 right now, so a lot of fighters could just jump in the sauna but that kills you in the fight, you’ll have nothing left in the fight. 

“So we cut weight the right way, ahead of time so I don’t have to sit in the sauna or the steam room and I’ll actually be in that weight.”

Jake Paul ahead of his fight with Anderson Silva

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