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7 Essential Keys For An Easy And Organized Move

The illusion of a new home can often be clouded by the laziness and discomfort generated by moving. If it is not well organized and everything is not under control, a change of these characteristics can become a real chaos, and that is… how to put a whole house (and, sometimes, a whole life) in boxes? Where do I begin? And above all, do I ask for help or do it on my own?

Based on the fact that, in order to make this process as simple as possible, you should plan your move well in advance to avoid last-minute problems, it is essential that you decide as soon as possible if you are going to have the help of a specialized company such as H2H movers LA or, on the contrary, you have the means (and time) to do it yourself.

-Planning and Inventory

Make an inventory of everything you are going to take with you in the move and then prepare a detailed plan with everything you need to carry it out and its cost: boxes, packaging, van rental, and storage room or furniture storage.

-Take Stock

After knowing the approximate cost of what you are going to spend on your own, ask for a quote from different moving companies in your city (you can do it through our platform) and compare. Sometimes the price does not vary so much from one option to another and it more than compensates for professionals to take care of everything: packing furniture and large appliances, placing them on the truck, transporting them and delivering them to your new home… etc.

-Choose The Packaging Well

One of the most important aspects is the choice of packaging and boxes for a move. And there is life far beyond cardboard boxes. For example, did you know that there are special boxes to store clothes? The garments are hung directly inside the box-wardrobe and arrive ready to store and without a wrinkle.

Other essentials are bubble wrap or tissue paper and electrical tape. But above all, don’t forget to label each box with adhesive stickers and permanent marker to know what’s inside.

-Don’t Take Everything: Do Cleaning

Surely many things you have at home will not be necessary in your future home. Get rid of everything you no longer like or will not want, and thus, in the process, you will save money!

-Do not Empty The “Light” Drawers

A good idea is to leave clothes, sheets and other light objects in their place and transport the furniture well protected with everything inside. Why? You will need far fewer boxes, you will save space and it will be easier for you to organize your new home. (Don’t even think about doing this with books or delicate objects)

-Notifies All Carriers

Do not forget to notify the electricity, water, telephone, internet company… that they have to carry out the transfer of residence. The same with your home insurer.

-Store Soft Items In Bags

Filling large, sturdy bags with soft items such as blankets, duvets, pillows, cushions… can be very useful to save space in the moving van or truck and, in turn, serves to protect other delicate objects and furniture. Close them well with electrical tape.

Finally, it should be remembered that if we hire the moving services company it means that we are entrusting our most precious objects to a third party, so we must make sure that the company is serious and complies with the law, (and that it gives us a date and a closed budget in writing) since, in the event of any unforeseen event or an object is lost, it will be able to offer us an effective solution.

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