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5 best horror movies on Netflix: April 17, 2021

Who’s ready for a good horror movie this weekend? Below, we share a quick list of five horror movies you can find on Netflix for your spooky needs! We share minimal details because the element of surprise is the most chilling of all!

No shade here, but you don’t need Shudder to open access to some great frights! Call us biased, but Netflix is our go-to for any and all genres. And this includes horror movies.

Netflix kills the game when it comes to romantic comedies and reality TV, but there is so much more to enjoy! If you haven’t ventured into the horror movies genre, you’re missing out, but you may also get lost as there is so much to select from.

Last week’s edition of horror movies focused on underrated features, but we are switching gears this week and highlighting some great supernatural horrors. Because what’s better than the unknown? Let’s get right to it!

Best horror movies on Netflix

1. The Forest 

After her twin sister goes missing while hiking in a forest in Japan known as “Suicide Forest,” she goes to look for her. As you may have already guessed, this was a bad idea.

2. House of the Witch

Remember being young and feeling invincible? Well, the teens in House of the Witch are that daring! When an unseen and evil spirit crashes their party, the group of friends race against the clock to escape the haunted house with their lives.

3. Stephanie

Nothing is more creepy than horror movies with children at the center of it. A young girl names Stephanie is abandoned by her parents and left to survive on her own in their home. Audiences aren’t sure why they left her behind in a seemingly haunted house, until the final act.

4. Temple

Locals told them to stay away, but American’s aren’t the best listeners, especially in horror movies. So when a small group of American tourists is told to stay away from a  mountain shrine, they do the exact opposite.

5. No Escape Room

Meet the ultimate monster-in-law! In The Binding, a woman decides to meet her fiance’s mother in southern Italy. But soon after arriving, they discover there’s an evil entity trying to claim her daughter’s soul.

Did we miss any great horror movies you believe need to be included on next week’s list? Share with us! Have a spooky weekend!

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