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5 best horror movies on Netflix: April 10, 2021

Anyone up for a good scare this weekend? If you’re always down for a scary movie or looking for new ones to watch, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we share a list of five horror movies on Netflix for you to watch.

The theme for last week’s edition of horror movies was underrated flicks. But, I discovered so many new, undiscovered features that I’m doing the same this week!

The list below includes movies that are waiting to be discovered by you. These aren’t new releases and were clearly lost in the shuffle among bigger films. This is something that happens a lot when you have such a  large selection of movies, not just horror but every other genre.

Before we kick off the list, here’s a bonus movie: What Lies Below. I’m only mentioning it here because it premiered on Netflix in December 2020 and it is only now being discovered, but I can’t say I enjoyed it much.

For real scares, both jump-scares and true frights, watch one of the movies below, instead.

Best horror movies on Netflix

1. A.M.I

This movie is leaving Netflix soon on April 30, 2021, so watch while you can! When Cassie’s new phone has a voice that resembles her late mother’s she begins to bond with the smart app, but this seemingly innocent friendship takes a violent turn.

2. The 3rd Eye

Alia seeks the help of a psychic after her little sister claims to see ghosts in their childhood home, and these spirits aren’t too kind. If you enjoy this movie, check out the sequel, The 3rd Eye 2, also on Netflix.

3. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

An interesting title, but is the plot as intriguing? It sure has all of my attention! The movie follows a nurse who scares easily yet is tasked with caring for a horror novelist. Are the horror surrounding her all in her head or the real deal?

4. Wildling 

Anna has been confined to an attic for years by a man who was claiming to be protecting her, but freedom is still not near as Anna discovers her haunting story.

5. The Secret

The Indonesian movie follows Kanaya, a young woman who leaves her home after learning her father has married someone her own age. Due to leaving in a rage, Kanaya gets into an accident and ends up in a place that’ll have her wishing she never left home!

Which of these movies will you be watching this weekend? Did we miss a good horror movie? What should we include on our list next week? 

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