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30 movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows

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THE OLD GUARD – Charlize Theron as ÓAndy”
Photo credit: Aimee Spinks/NETFLIX ©2020

Movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows

These days, we can’t get enough of Netflix shows. And who can blame us when they have been so entertaining that we can’t stop watching? Even though we’re more than fed with the new shows the streamer releases each month, we can’t help but hope for some movies to get the TV series treatment.

While others might disagree, some stories are just made to be expanded, spun off, or rebooted. Whether it’s a new hit original movie that’s the beginning of new series or a nostalgic blockbuster with a renewed sense of modern relevance, a fresh take in a binge-able format is exactly what we’re looking for.

It’s also extremely popular to take popular movies and their characters and turn them into TV shows and stars. Look at WandaVision, The Falcon and Winter Soldier, and more. Netflix has done it with She’s Gotta Have It, and it sounds like it’s happening for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Luckily, Netflix has a fair share of its own original movies that are more than ready for series, like Extraction, Moxie, Work It and Enola Holmes, among many others. Likewise, there are plenty of former hits that could use an update and underrated treasures that deserve a second chance, such as The Breakfast Club, Divergent, Now and Then and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Which movies do we wish will someday be turned into Netflix series? We’ve compiled just 30 of the best recent hits and past favorites we wouldn’t mind watching in its very own show, beginning below with the Netflix original comedy Wine Country.

Is Wine Country still on Netflix?

Coming in at No. 30 on the list is Wine Country, and yes, it’s still on Netflix.

As impossible as it seems to round up the aces cast of Netflix’s 2019 original comedy film Wine Country for a sitcom, we can always dream. Amy Poehler directs and leads the cast of familiar faces for the comedy, which finds six friends reuniting for a trip to Napa Valley to celebrate the 50th birthday of Rachel Dratch’s Rebecca. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

Even though the movie wasn’t necessarily a home run by Netflix’s standards, Wine Country was everything we wanted from Poehler, Dratch, May Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell, Emily Spivey and Tina Fey (who appeared in a cameo role). Getting the Wine Country gang back together for a limited series, a couple of miniseries, a full series, anything would be the absolute comedy dream.

Flip the page for more movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows!

No. 29

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LOS ANGELES – MARCH 28: Actors Luke Mably (L) and Julia Stiles arrive at the premiere of “The Prince and Me” at the Chinese Theater on March 28, 2004, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

What is The Prince & Me about?

Coming in at No. 29 on the list is The Prince & Me! 

Of course, Netflix is no stranger to content involving the royals. Whether it’s the historical drama fascination The Crown or the Christmas romantic comedies A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch, it’s been something of a royal flush on Netflix for years. Not to mention, you sometimes might also be able to add the 2004 rom-com The Prince & Me to your watch list.

Julia Stiles stars in the mid-aughts romantic comedy as Paige Morgan, a pre-med student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who unsuspectingly begins a whirlwind romance with Edvard, the Crown Prince of Denmark (Luke Malby). The Prince & Me finds Paige and Edvard’s world colliding in a big way, from attracting national attention to reconciling their individual dreams.

Given the major resurgence of royals in the press as of late (you’ve probably been meme-ing about it for weeks, don’t lie), it’s time for Netflix to strike while the royal iron is hot. The Prince & Me has a built-in franchise of three forgettable direct-to-DVD sequels not starring Julia Stiles that are better left unmentioned. Whether it’s a reboot or revival series adaptation, we’re ready for an update on this star-crossed lovers tale — preferably with the iconic Ms. Stiles in tow.

No. 28

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LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 26: (L-R) Osric Chau, Jane Levy, Thomas Mann and Victoria Justice visit “Extra” at The Grove on October 26, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Extra)

Is Fun Size on Netflix?

Fun Size is No. 28 on the list!

If the Adam Sandler comedy film Hubie Halloween taught us anything, it’s that we’re honestly in dire need of more Halloween options. Each year we turn to horror movies, Hocus Pocus, and the odd Halloween television special. But what about an entire television series centered around the beloved spooky October holiday? We’re onto something here, and you know it.

Netflix would probably be more open to turning Hubie Halloween into a show (or, more likely, a film series), but the underrated 2012 teen comedy Fun Size deserves a second shot at becoming an annual must-watch. The film comes from director Josh Schwartz, creator of The O.C. and Gossip Girl, and stars Victoria Justice as an ambitious high school senior trying to wrangle her mischievous little brother on a wild Halloween adventure.

Fun Size wasn’t a hit, even though it’s one of the most charming teen comedies in recent memory. Being produced by Nickelodeon Films, Fun Size suffered from a mixed appeal between kids and teens. But since Nickelodeon has been having a resurgence on Netflix, now could be the perfect time to reboot the should-be seasonal staple as a show, not unlike the Dash & Lily of Halloween.

No. 27

Is Can’t Hardly Wait on Netflix? 

Can’t Hardly Wait is No. 27 on the list of movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows.

Pick a teen comedy movie from the ’90s, and we will take it as a Netflix show. Really, we’re not picky. Seeing as Netflix will soon be releasing the updated take on She’s All That, we thought we would kindly offer them further recommendations. Above all else, the 1998 romantic comedy Can’t Hardly Wait (which is currently available to stream on Netflix) would work so well as a show.

The film takes place in a single night at the house party that takes place following a high school graduation and tracks the different stories going on under the same roof. While Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry) pines for his crush Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt) before leaving for college, the rest of the party takes a wild turn as the graduated teens confront their pasts and face their futures.

Obviously, it would sting to see what some would call a ’90s classic restructured for a new generation. Let’s just get that out in the open. (Who else can’t stomach another internet star you don’t know headlining a remake of a cherished movie?) However, the themes and story of Can’t Hardly Wait are timeless and could certainly use a modern facelift. New characters, new circumstances, same indelible essence of teen angst at its finest in a binge-able show.

No. 26

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HOLLYWOOD – AUGUST 4: Actresses Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning attend the MGM Pictures Los Angeles premiere of the film “Uptown Girls” at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome August 4, 2003 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Is Uptown Girls on Netflix?

Uptown Girls is No. 26 on the list!

If all of these networks and streaming services are so dead-set on rebooting old movies and shows, maybe it’s time we started pointing them in the right direction. There’s a whole untapped well of incredible and undervalued movies from barely two decades ago that could find a place as a modernized series on Netflix. Don’t you think Uptown Girls would make a great show?

The late Brittany Murphy stars in Uptown Girls as the free-spirited Molly Gunn, who lives off of the trust fund of her departed rock star father… until the well runs dry when her accountant embezzles money. Suddenly, she’s booted from her apartment and on the job search, which leads her to nannying the precocious Ray Schleine (Dakota Fanning).

Uptown Girls enjoyed modest success and many of us who grew up on this quotable classic are still waking up with “Sheets of Egyptian Cotton” stuck in our heads. The underlying theme of the movie, two opposite people teaching each other a vital life lesson, translates perfectly into a series that can breathe and evolve. A comfort watch like Uptown Girls would fit in with Netflix’s growing roster of hits like Ginny & Georgia, and it’s a beautiful way to honor Brittany Murphy’s legacy.

No. 25

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Work It — Courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Netflix

Is Work It a good movie?

Yes, Work It is a good movie, and that’s why it’s No. 25 on the list.

As we will come to see, Netflix has one of the strongest catalogs to pull from when it comes to developing shows based on its movies. The streaming service doesn’t practice that kind of turnaround often (or ever, really), but there are lots of hit movies that would make excellent choices for shows in place of a traditional sequel. Dance comedy Work It would definitely work as a movie-turned show.

Sabrina Carpenter stars in Work It as high school senior Quinn Ackerman, whose dream of following in her father’s footsteps and attending Duke University hits a snag. In order to diversify her application to her dream school, Quinn fibs that she’s part of her school’s competitive dance team, but when she doesn’t actually make the cut, she and her best friend Jasmine (Liza Koshy) start their own team.

Needless to say, there are many, many possibilities for a television show spin-off of Work It. If Netflix were to ever create a show based on the movie, the series could follow the same characters or focus on a specific character’s life beyond the events of the film. Likewise, a potential series could delve into a new set of characters dancing their hearts out for their dreams, rivalries, and whatnot. You know this idea made you say “wow.”

No. 24

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LONDON – OCT 31: Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried attend the In Time Premiere on October 31, 2011 at the Curzon, Mayfair Cinema in London. (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Is In Time a good movie?

In Time ranks No. 24 on the list!

Sometimes, a movie that wasn’t much of a hit when it was released winds up remade or turned into a television series (you’re thinking of one right now, aren’t you) and it’s quite puzzling. Why was that certain movie brought back before this one? We may never have a clear answer, but as long as it continues to happen, we’d like to see the 2011 sci-fi flick In Time revamped by Netflix.

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried star in the action-packed science fiction film, which takes place years into the future during a time period where money is no longer the form of currency. This society, where its inhabitants stop aging when they turn 25, use time as currency. Each person has a clock on their arm that signifies how much longer they have left to live.

In Time earned mostly negative reviews from critics and didn’t make back its $40 million budget stateside (though it $174 million worldwide). That’s all to say that it’s safe to assume most people don’t remember this movie. But there’s an argument that revisiting this world, this concept in a longer form story could vastly improve upon the ideas the film presented. Just saying, if Timberlake or Seyfried are looking for their next producing project, In Time has the time.

No. 23

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Actress Jennifer Lopez (wearing Vera Wang) arriving at the “Maid In Manhattan” world premiere at The Ziegfeld Theatre, New York City. December 8, 2002. Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images.

Is Maid in Manhattan on Netflix?

Maid in Manhattan is No. 24 on the list movie we want to see turned into Netflix shows.

Back in 2008, Jennifer Lopez attempted to produce a television series spin-off of her hit 2002 romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan at ABC. Unfortunately, the proposed series never made it past the pilot stage and was ultimately shelved. But we don’t think J.Lo should give up on bringing Maid in Manhattan to the small screen, especially with so many narrative possibilities.

Lopez stars in Maid in Manhattan as single mother and luxury hotel maid Marisa Ventura, who aspires to receive a promotion to a management position. When high-profile politician Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) mistakes her for the socialite Caroline Lane (Natasha Richardson), Marisa’s world turns upside down as their budding romance interferes with her job.

Obviously, Maid in Manhattan was a box office hit and remains a popular rom-com with nostalgic rewatch value. It’s almost unfathomable that a television version hasn’t gotten off the ground. The movie’s worth revisiting an updated property, whether it’s adapted as straightforward rom-com comfort food like Emily in Paris or takes on a telenovela twist like Jane the Virgin. Being the savvy businesswoman she is, we have faith J.Lo could bring this one back to Netflix.

No. 22

Project Power, Netflix movies, Netflix Shows -


Is Project Power worth watching?

Project Power comes in at No. 22 on the list of the best movies we want to see turned into TV shows.

Obviously, not every popular Netflix original movie needs to be turned into its own television show. Overcrowding the market with more of your own content isn’t always a solid move. But Netflix boasts a wealth of options should the streamer ever start branching out, and that includes the 2020 superhero hit Project Power. What’s a superhero without a cinematic universe, right?

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx stars in Project Power as a former soldier who joins forces with a local cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and a young drug dealer (Dominique Fishback) to put the superpowers they received from a pill to good use. The distribution of the pill increases crime, leading the unlikely trio to fight back against those responsible for creating the deadly dose.

Project Power earned mixed reception upon its release, but the film was among one of the most-streamed titles on the platform in 2020. But because success is fleeting on Netflix given the rapidity of the conversation cycle, Project Power isn’t necessarily on anyone’s radar. While a sequel would get that conversation moving again, a television series set within the same world with new stakes and circumstances could be the power push Project Power was made for.

No. 21

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – MAY 13: Actors Macaulay Culkin (L), Jena Malone, Mandy Moore and Patrick Fugit pose at the after-party for United Artists’ “Saved” at the Beverly Hills Community Sports Center on May 13, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Is Saved on Netflix?

Saved comes in at No. 21 on the list!

Without naming names or getting deep into it, debates around Christianity and practices of the religion have been a hot topic online lately. For years, the subject has been divisive, and as more art references religion, it will remain so. Although some may not remember, the undervalued 2004 satirical comedy Saved! expertly commented on Christianity and could be Netflix’s next great satirical comedy series.

Saved! takes place within the American Eagle Christian High School outside Baltimore, Maryland and follows a group of teenagers grappling with the intersection of coming-of-age and their Christian values. As one students finds herself unexpectedly pregnant after losing her virginity, another comes to terms with his sexuality as their self-righteous, conservative classmate breathes down their necks.

Clearly, Netflix has a history with producing comedies with a satiric spin that receive mixed results. (Insatiable and Dear White People are just two that immediately come to mind.) While religion isn’t often the jumping off point of most modern shows, since it can be polarizing, Saved! presents an opportunity to delve into the topic from the perspective of a new generation of teens with access to different information than those just a mere decade-plus ago. We need this one to happen.

No. 20

Netflix Shows -

Candice Bergen, Benjamin Bratt and Sandra Bullock at the premiere of ‘Miss Congeniality’ at the Chinese Theater, Los Angeles, Ca. 12/14/00.(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images).

Does Netflix have Miss Congeniality? 

The No. 20 spot on the list goes to Miss Congeniality! 

It won’t be long until the reboot machine starts taking our 2000s millennial classic movies for a spin. Many of our favorite shows have made comebacks with new iterations, but it will be the movies we grew up watching that will make us feel some type of way. But if Netflix were to turn, say, Miss Congeniality into a fun action-comedy series the right way, we’d let it slide.

Sandra Bullock toplined Miss Congeniality as tough but eager FBI special agent Grace Hart, whose tendency to go with her gut sours a covert operation and lands her on desk duty. However, when a new mission involving a conspiracy at a beauty pageant requires a woman to go undercover, Grace undergoes the full transformation to uncover the conspiracy and her inner congeniality.

Imagine a fresh take on the Miss Congeniality concept, an action-packed romantic comedy, with winding mysteries and messy relationships. It’s unlikely that Bullock would reprise her role as Grace Hart (though we can dream), but given her strong relationship with Netflix thanks to Bird Box, a production deal wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. With or without Sandra Bullock’s participation, a Netflix series based on Miss Congeniality would win straight 10s across the board.

No. 19

Is the movie Dazed and Confused on Netflix?

Dazed and Confused comes in at No. 19 on the list!

Considering how huge of a cult classic Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused has become since its 1993 release, it’s crazy to think no one has thought to adapt the movie for some kind of series. Just a few short years ago, Netflix brought back the 2001 period comedy Wet Hot America Summer for a pair of prequel and sequel miniseries. Should Dazed and Confused be next?

Although Dazed and Confused was released in the ’90s, the film takes place in 1976 on the last day of school for teenagers in Austin, Texas. Without much of a plot or story, the film follows a large group of incoming and outgoing students as they face what comes next. All in all, the coming-of-comedy presents a snapshot of life in 1976 for average American teenagers.

While Dazed and Confused was a critical hit, its performance at the box office at the time of its premiere is a vast comparison to its lasting legacy. Maybe it’s best for Linklater to preserve that legacy and not cash in on a remake or reboot series, but there are plenty of fans who would welcome an excellently executed retelling of the summer essential. Of course, Matthew McConaughey would have to be on board somehow to deliver an iconic “alright, alright, alright.”

No. 18

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NEW YORK – JULY 28: (L-R) Director Sanaa Hamri, actresses Blake Lively, Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn attend the world premiere of “The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2” presented by Warner Bros. Pictures at the Ziegfeld Theatre on July 28, 2008 in New York City. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Is The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on Netflix?

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants lands at No. 18 on the list!

What’s the story of four best friends traveling around the world who are connected by a singular pair of blue jeans that magically fit each of their body types if not timeless? In the mid-2000s, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book series was all the rage among the middle school tween set, resulting in the 2005 and 2008 film adaptations. But it’s high time these pants come back in style.

Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera, Blake Lively and Amber Tamblyn star in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants as Lena, Carmen, Bridget and Tibby respectively, who have been life-long best friends. As they prepare to spend their first summer apart, the quartet stumbles on a pair of jeans that fits all four of them and vow to mail them to each other with letters about their travels.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a modest hit, as was the 2008 sequel. Both films covered the four books in the series, though some things were moved and shuffled to fit the storytelling. No doubt, it would be incredible to watch a new generation take on this tale in a series that’s able to hit all the notes of the books while maintaining the essence of the movies. But what we really want is the core four to return in a Netflix limited series of Sisterhood Everlasting.

No. 17

What to watch - Netflix Shows -

OUTSIDE THE WIRE Cr. ​Jonathan Prime​/NETFLIX ​© ​2020

Is Outside The Wire a good movie?

Outside The Wire ranks No. 17 on the list of movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows.

Don’t for a second think that only movies we loved 15, 20, 30 or so years ago are the only ones that deserve the chance at a series adaptation. As of late, Netflix has been debuting original films with tons of promise beyond their two-hour running time. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie’s sci-fi action flick Outside the Wire would make for an intriguing show.

Outside the Wire takes place in the not-so-distant future of 2036 and centers on drone pilot Lt. Thomas Harp (Damson Idris) as begins work in the deadly and militarized Camp Nathaniel in the Ukraine. Harp works under android officer Captain Leo (Anthony Mackie) and they work together to track down an important doomsday device before in lands in the hands of insurgents.

Upon its release on Netflix in January 2012, Outside the Wire garnered mixed to negative reception but was among one of the most-watched new titles in its debut weekend on the platform. Some critics felt the film took swings at big ideas without exploring them all. Do you know what could take a closer look at some of those ideas? A series rooted in the world of Outside the Wire. Rather than overstuffing a well-meaning sequel, a Netflix show is the next best bet.

No. 16

Netflix Shows -

LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 17: Actor Ryan Gosling arrives at the “Drive” Gala Premiere during the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Is Drive with Ryan Gosling on Netflix?

Drive ranks No. 16 on the list!

As more and more movie stars come to television in glossy limited series primed for high ratings and aimed for awards season, there’s still a handful of stars we’re waiting for on the small screen. Ryan Gosling in a limited series is something we don’t know we need, but there’s all but a slim chance of that ever happening. But his under-appreciated 2011 film Drive? It could and should be turned into one of the next hit Netflix shows.

Based on the novel of the same name by Jame Sallis, Drive stars Ryan Gosling as an unnamed drive who works as a mechanic, stunt driver and getaway driver. The Driver becomes enamored with his neighbor, Irene (Carey Mulligan), but when her husband, Standard (Oscar Isaac), returns from prison, his debt comes back to bite everyone in a big way.

The gritty action-crime drama was one of the most unexpected films of 2011, packing people in theaters based on Gosling’s criminally underrated performance. Drive was a box office hit but was famously snubbed by the Oscars. One way to right that wrong would be a Netflix series adaptation, without or without Gosling in the lead, to give this story another opportunity to drop our jaws on the floor all over again.

No. 15

Is The Covenant scary?

The Covenant is No. 15 on the list! We’re halfway there!

Have you ever seen a movie get rebooted or remade and you think, “How did that make a comeback?” Whether it made a little impact or was deemed not very good, some titles get the second chance you wouldn’t expect. But sometimes the end result is just as unexpected. The panned 2006 supernatural horror film The Covenant could improve as a Netflix series.

The Covenant stars heartthrobs Steven Strait, Sebastian Stan, Taylor Kitsch and Chace Crawford as four students at the elite Spencer Academy, who are descendants of 17th-century families with supernatural powers. Suddenly, secrets unravel in the aftermath of a student’s death, which causes the protective pact of silence to lift and bring old power struggles back to the surface.

Look, The Covenant wasn’t a hit. The critical failure holds a meager 4% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and barely broke even at the box office. But the campiest flops can make for the best repackaged television series. If produced with the level of supernatural horror storytelling that’s made hits out of many shows in the past few years, The Covenant could make a comeback in a binge-worthy series. There’s an interesting story worth watching at the center of this mid-aughts mess.

No. 14

Netflix Shows -

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 29: Actress/director Drew Barrymore arrives at the premiere of Fox Searchlight’s “Whip It” on September 29, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Is Whip It on Netflix?

Whip It ranks No. 14 on the list of movies we want Netflix to turn into shows.

After canceling the hilarious Drew Barrymore zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, Netflix definitely owes the iconic multi-hyphenate more opportunities. Even though Barrymore has since taken a step back from acting to pursue beauty and lifestyle brands, as well as a successful syndicated daytime talk show, she should seriously consider bringing back her feature directorial debut Whip It.

Based on the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, Whip It centers on Bliss Cavender (Elliot Page), a small-town Texas teenager looking for a renewed sense of self and excitement in her life. The character identifies with she/her pronouns. In spite of begrudgingly participating in beauty pageants to appease her overbearing mother (Marcia Gay Harden), Bliss finds a passion for roller derby while also falling in love for the first time.

Whip It was a commercial disappointment but was a critical hit, which we’d say is the sweet spot for a high-profile directorial debut. The film definitely has legs as a cult favorite, and there’s something to be said about a coming-of-age dramedy set in the community of roller derby. In a perfect world Barrymore’s production company would strike a deal with Netflix and create movies as beloved as Charlie’s Angels, but start with a series adaptation of the underrated Whip It.

No. 13

Best Netflix movies - Is Moxie based on a book? - movies on Netflix - Netflix Shows -

Moxie. Hadley Robinson as Vivian in Moxie. Cr /NETFLIX © 2020

Is Moxie based on a true story?

Staying in the coming-of-age lane, Netflix should without question continue to monopolize on its success in the teen content realm. After popular film series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth, there’s room left wide open for another to swoop in and reign as the next big hit. Moxie, Amy Poehler’s second feature directorial effort for Netflix, has that potential.

Based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Mathieu, Moxie follows 16-year-old Vivian (Hadley Robinson), who typically hangs back as a wallflower and doesn’t make waves at school. However, when new student Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Peña) inspires Vivian to look at the ways she hasn’t used her voice, she soon anonymously creates the rebellious zine Moxie, and the message of mysterious mag spreads around school like wildfire.

Moxie bowed at the top of March 2021 and earned mostly positive reception from critics, though the film wasn’t a huge viral sensation. Regardless, its message is important and goes about presenting that message with heart and humor. By all means, we wouldn’t say no to a sequel that takes place in a post-Moxie world at Rockport High School, but a series adaptation under the same premise could expand upon the richer themes and inspire even more young viewers.

No. 12

Netflix Shows -

HOLLYWOOD – SEPTEMBER 14: Actors Angelina Jolie, Bai Ling, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow attend the world premiere of “Sky Captain And The World of Tomorrow” at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on September 14, 2004 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images)

Is Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow on Netflix?

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow comes in at No. 12 on the list! 

Have you ever watched an older movie, looked up how it fared at the time, and immediately thought, “Wow, this deserved way better?” Sure you have! As unpopular of an opinion as this may have been in the year 2004, and still in 2021, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow deserved to be the blockbuster it was meant to be. In the era of reaching into the past for new content, the “dieselpunk” action film should be revisited as a Netflix original series.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow stars Jude Law as Joseph Sullivan, the titular Sky Captain, who uses his private air force to fight back against the invasion of robots in New York City. Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow), a reporter and Sky Captain’s ex-girlfriend, tags along to continue her investigation into the recent disappearances of scientists, leading to an epic battle.

Unfortunately, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow didn’t live up to its expectations and all but tanked at the box office. Despite its financial setbacks, the film earned positive reviews from critics and has lived on as a cult classic. The film, had it been a success, could have become a franchise with multiple sequels. But today, Sky Captain deserves another shot and, with the right team and vision, could finally catch a second wind as a series on Netflix.

No. 11

What is the movie Big Daddy about?

Big Daddy is No. 11! 

Not to call out Adam Sandler (but to call out Adam Sandler), he’s kind of leaving a bit of money on the table here. Even though he’s been living the dream with his Netflix production deal, and earned the best reviews of his career in Uncut Gems, he’s largely avoided the nostalgia trend. For an actor and creator with one of the biggest comedy catalogs in the game, he could bring back any of his past movies for a sequel, spin-off or series, and we’d all eat it up.

Naturally, Sandler could choose nearly any of his beloved early works to revamp, but in terms of creating a comedy series built for longevity, Big Daddy has what it takes. The film stars Sandler as lovable loaf Sonny Koufax, who circumstantially adopts the five-year-old biological son of his roommate and incidentally proves how responsible he can actually be.

Big Daddy was another box office hit for Sandler and became one of his defining roles, though success continued (and continues) to follow. Although he often stars in the movies he produces for Netflix, he sometimes doesn’t. Also, he hasn’t yet broken into producing scripted series for the streamer. We would love to see Adam Sandler get in the binge-able comedy game with a nostalgic reboot of one of his fan-favorite films like Big Daddy, a timelessly hilarious story of growing up.

No. 10

To All the Boys 3 - Netflix movies - Netflix Shows -

TO ALL THE BOYS IVE LOVED BEFORE 3. Lana Condor as Lara Jean Covey, In TO ALL THE BOYS IVE LOVED BEFORE 3. Cr. Katie Yu / Netflix © 2020

Will there be a To All The Boys 4?

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is in the top 10! 

Maybe you have heard the great news: Netflix has started developing a spin-off series of the romantic comedy trilogy phenomenon To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. We definitely called this one, and we think it’s a brilliant idea to keep the fan-favorite franchise going for many, many years. Even though a To All the Boys show is already in the works, we’re including it because we really, really want it to happen, and we have a feeling you do, too.

Based on the book trilogy of the same name as each movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before centers on Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor), a shy high school student whose letters to her various crushes winds up in the hands of each of the boys she’s loved before. The film series tracks Lara’s various romantic entanglements, including her ultimate crush Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo).

Obviously, the potential half-hour To All the Boys spin-off series is currently in the early stages of development. But the gist of it would be a rom-com following Lara Jean’s little sister, Kitty (Anna Cathcart), on her own journey toward true loved. Without question, that’s an amazing concept, and we would all watch it the second it drops on Netflix. But should that spin-off series fall through, we’re holding onto hope that the streamer will find way a way to return to the Covey-verse.

No. 9

Watch The Hunger Games Free on Tubi - Netflix Shows -

From front to back: Sam Claflin (“Finnick Odair,” back), Evan Ross (“Messalla,” back center), Liam Hemsworth (“Gale Hawthorne,” front center) and Jennifer Lawrence (“Katniss Everdeen,” front) star in Lionsgate Home Entertainment’s THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2.. Photo Credit: Murray Close/Lionsgate

Is The Hunger Games on Netflix?

The Hunger Games comes in at No. 9 on the list of movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows.

Across four film adaptations of the wildly popular best-selling book trilogy, you have probably gotten your fill of The Hunger Games. But even though the blockbuster saga isn’t exactly at Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings or even Twilight level, we can still dream for another set of stories within the world of Katniss Everdeen can rise again as a Netflix series. There’s more than enough gas still in the tank to mine more poignant entertainment.

Based on the books by Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, the dystopian future of what was once North America. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to stand in her little sister’s place as a tribute for the Hunger Games, an annual televised survival competition with only one remaining victor.

Since the final installment of The Hunger Games film series arrived in 2015, nothing else has come to fruition by way of further sequels, spin-off or prequels. However, Collins published The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, the first entry in a new prequel trilogy. There’s already buzz of a new film series taking shape, but perhaps the powers that be should consider turning the prequel, or any story within the universe, into a Netflix show we would all watch with bated breath.

No. 8

Mystery Movies - Best Netflix movies - Enola Holmes - Netflix Shows -

Enola Holmes. Image Courtesy Netflix, Legendary

Is Enola Holmes a movie or series?

Enola Holmes is No. 8 on the list of movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows.

When talking about turning existing properties, even those that stream exclusively on Netflix, into full-fledged shows, there’s all kinds of behind-these-scenes red tape that we don’t realize. For instance, 2020’s hit Sherlock Holmes spin-off film Enola Holmes was originally intended to be released theatrically by Warner Bros. before moving to Netflix in the wake of the pandemic’s effects on the box office. But where could a potential show land?

Based on the young adult book series of the same name, Enola Holmes stars Stranger Things breakout Millie Bobby Brown as the titular sleuth, who happens to be the younger sister of famed detective Sherlock Holmes. The film offers fresh insight on a well-known story from the perspective of a new character that’s all the more able to handle her own series.

Naturally, with the success of Enola Holmes in the fall of 2020, talk of a sequel began almost immediately. How could it not? But would it hit theaters or stream on Netflix again? Only time would tell, but if Enola’s banking on sticking around Netflix, the streaming giant should definitely branch out with a series adaptation, whether it’s a limited run or an anthology, or even an animated spin-off perfect for the younger set. The possibilities are endless for Enola.

No. 7

Nicholas Sparks movies - The Notebook - Netflix Shows -

The Notebook. Image courtesy New Line Cinema/HBO Max

Is The Notebook on Netflix?

The Notebook ranks No. 7!

If The Notebook is a bird, we’re a bird. And by bird, we mean a show. Does that make any sense? Well, if not, here’s what we mean: The Notebook should be turned into a show. Right? Don’t act like that’s not a great idea that hasn’t crossed your mind every time you have cried at the end of this classic movie. Nothing could ever surpass the original, but imagine an updated adaptation with more time to flesh out the stories and even more opportunities to bawl our eyes out.

Based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook stars Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling as Allie and Noah, a mismatched pair of young lovers torn apart by World War II in the 1940s. Because of their different class backgrounds, with Allie coming from a wealthy family and Noah being working class, their relationship goes through its trials, with time being the greatest test of all.

The Notebook was a sleeper hit phenomenon in 2004, with the tearjerker only rising in popularity throughout the years. Every time the film hits Netflix throughout the years, it’s one of the top new releases to add to your watch list, no matter how many times you have endured the emotional rollercoaster. In 2015, a television adaptation was in the works at The CW, but nothing has come of that development. Ahem… It’s time for Netflix to get into the business of The Notebook.

The Notebook was on Netflix, but it’s not anymore!

No. 6

Netflix Shows -

LAS VEGAS – DECEMBER 08: Actors,Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen, attend the “Jumper” promotion at the Luxor Resort & Casino on December 8, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Does Netflix have Jumper?

Jumper is No. 6 on the list. Unfortunately, it’s not on Netflix right now.

It can’t be emphasized enough that sometimes the most middling, forgettable movies can make the best television shows. In the year 2021, no one’s talking about the 2008 critically panned but modest box office hit Jumper, but maybe we should be? Now, a spin-off series called Impulse has already come and gone on YouTube Premium in 2018. Fewer people know about that show than the movie, and we firmly believe Netflix could one-up any other attempts at reviving Jumper.

Based on the 1992 sci-fi novel of the same title by Steven Gould, Jumper comes from The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman and stars the erstwhile Anakin Skywalker actor Hayden Christensen as David Rice, an average guy with the ability to instantly teleport himself to anywhere in the world. However, David soon realizes his jumping comes with a life-or-death price.

Jumper wasn’t the best movie to have ever been released, but it’s still worth watching for some adventurous thrills. The film ends on an ambiguous and slightly ominous note, with many loose threads still dangling. Well over a decade later, it’s time to do right by Jumper and adapt the movie as a television series remake. Finally, we could get the answers those of us who haven’t read the books have been waiting for and see in the whole story play out in binge-able detail.

No. 5

New on Netflix - The Breakfast Club - Netflix Shows -

Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy attend “The Breakfast Club” 30th Anniversary premiere (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for SXSW)

Does Netflix have The Breakfast Club?

The Breakfast Club is in the top 5 of the movies we want to see turned into Netflix shows.

Yes, remaking The Breakfast Club in any way, shape or form is basically sacrilege, and we know that. You can’t mess with the classics and expect something better or even on the same level.  The last thing anyone truly wants, especially those who grew up with The Breakfast Club, is a Gen Z remake (no offense to Gen Z). But there has to be a way to honor the original classic with a series adaptation, preferably at Netflix.

For those who need a crash course on the ’80s teen classic, The Breakfast Club comes from writer and director John Hughes, the creator of many, many cherished ’80s coming-of-age movies. This particular favorite centers on a group of five high school students from different cliques forced to spend an entire Saturday in detention together to mixed but life-changing results.

The Breakfast Club was and is a huge hit, an untouchable classic that’s basically untouchable. Truthfully, the movie shouldn’t be touched at all by a remake, but it’s still shocking that the nostalgia train hasn’t wrangled the Brat Pack aboard. If The Breakfast Club was ever to be remade as a series, it should be handled with care but elevated. A limited series to flesh out the characters, written and directed with a diverse point of view, would be just the ticket.

No. 4

Netflix movies - Extraction 2, Chris Hemsworth, Netflix - Netflix Shows -

EXTRACTION – Credit: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX

Is there going to be an Extraction 2?

Extraction is No. 4 on the list!

Now that we’re well into 2021, it will grow increasingly interesting to see if the movies and shows that hit big during quarantine have staying power. Extraction, which was released in April 2020, proved one of the year’s biggest streaming hits at Netflix with a viewership of around 90 million households in its first month. Obviously, a sequel and other movies have been confirmed to be on the way, but what about a spin-off or sequel show?

Taking a break from his tenure as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a Netflix pitstop, Chris Hemsworth stars in Extraction as black ops mercenary and former SASR operator Tyler Rake, who’s tasked with a mission to help save the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord in Bangladesh. Rake’s expectedly risky mission turns deadly in the underworld of weapons and drug trafficking.

As previously mentioned, Extraction was a monster hit in viewership for Netflix, cranking out its best-ever first-month figures. Still, the film’s biggest test will be if the 90 million households who tuned in for the first round will remember Extraction for the second. While a cinematic universe has already been planned, Netflix should be considering spinning off the movie from an episodic series, since binge-watching a 10-episode season remains the biggest conversation starter.

No. 3

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BERLIN, GERMANY – APRIL 01: Theo James and Shailene Woodley attend ‘Die Bestimmung – Divergent’ German Premiere at Sony Centre on April 1, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

Why is there no fourth Divergent movie?

Divergent is No. 3 on the list!

Is anyone else still salty that the fourth and final film installment in the Divergent series was never made? Due to low box office figures for Allegiant, the first half of the two-part adaptation of the last book in the series, Ascendant was ultimately canceled. Talks to bring Divergent to an end with a TV movie and series fizzled, and no one seemed to care that the dauntless tale of Tris and Four never came to a proper close. Well, we’re nudging Netflix to get it back off the ground.

Based on the young adult novel trilogy by Veronica Roth, Divergent stars Shailene Woodley as Beatrice “Tris” Prior, a 16-year-old in a dystopian future of Chicago, where society has been forced into five separate factions. On their 16th birthday, they undergo a test and are then able to choose which faction they want to belong to. Tris discovers she’s divergent and finds herself uncovering the evil in her society.

When declining interesting in the Divergent series led to a potential finale on Starz, Woodley opted out because of the TV factor. But after making two seasons of Big Little Lies and landing an Emmy nomination, she would reconsider for a Netflix limited series finale. There’s also the potential to retell the full Divergent saga in four seasons from the beginning with a new cast. Sure, no one’s checking on the future of Divergent, but there would be guaranteed eyeballs on a Netflix series.

No. 2

Netflix Shows -


Is Now and Then on Netflix?

Now and Then is No. 2!

A few summers ago, Now and Then was available to stream on Netflix, and the ’90s classic enjoyed a brief resurgence among a very small, specific fanbase. Most people may not have heard of it or seen it, but to know Now and Then is to love it. It’s a summer essential, a movie that’s both timeless and very of its moment. There’s nothing we would love more than to go back in time with another rendition of the movie in a series adaptation for Netflix.

Now and Then takes place both in 1995 and the 1970s, as a tight-knit group of four best friends reunite in modern-day a reminisce on a very pivotal summer they shared as teenagers. Sam (Gaby Hoffman, Demi Moore), Roberta (Christina Ricci, Rosie O’Donnell), Chrissy (Ashleigh Aston Moore, Rita Wilson) and Teeny (Thora Birch, Melanie Griffith) weather every storm together, from seances to divorce, death to first love,

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