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10 Tips to Stop Overthinking in Lockdown

I think it is very important to address mental health during this new and uncertain time so these are my top 10 tips to stop overthinking during the pandemic period.

One of the most vital businesses in our society, especially at this moment in time, are mental health charities. They offer amazing advice and guidance for those who are suffering. Moreover, I will leave links to these places down below. People deal with situations differently but during times like this everyone is feeling the effects in one way or another. I suffer with anxiety therefore I have decided to share what I have been doing to stay motivated in self-isolation.

Stay Fresh and Motivated

It is easy for us to think we are not doing anything, we may as well have a PJ day. I am very guilty of this! However, in order to stay motivated sticking to a routine is important. Having a shower, getting dressed and brushing our teeth will start our day off motivated and keep a level of normality.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Only Watch Essential News

One of the main factors that has influenced my anxiety and overthinking over the past few weeks is the constant news coverage. There are lots of misleading and untrue news articles circulating around this time. Therefore, if you are someone who already suffers from anxiety, you overanalyse and overthink everything you read. I have taken the decision to stop reading newspaper articles and only focus on the governments key advice. Key information is important in saving lives. However, with lots of time on our hands it is easy to take in too much negative information so try not to spend too much time on social media as this can become overwhelming.

Tips to Stop Overthinking: Stay Connected

Majority of the time I am suffering with feelings of anxiety and overthinking I turn to my family and friends. Therefore not being able to see them for a long time is daunting. The beauty of the modern world is we can always be connected. Facetime or call your friends and family as much as you can. Furthermore, It makes everything feel normal and settled and I always feel 1000% better after I have spoke with my loved ones and I can rest assured they are happy and healthy.

If you suffer with anxiety reassurance is vital and although we can’t gain this through the world media at the moment, we can through family and friends. Family and friends can provide a massive distraction and is definitely one of my 10 tips to stop overthinking.

Stay Distracted

The more time I have to think the more I tend to overthink so I am personally enjoying keeping my days jam packed and distracting myself. Here are some ideas:

– Disney+: I’ve been really enjoying watching films from my childhood. It helps to give your mind a short and needed escape from the events that are happening at the moment.

– Exercising: I hate exercising but it is good for the mind and helps to keep my anxiety at a minimum. You always feel amazing after and it again maintains routine in your day.

– Self-Care: I have been having a hot bath or shower with a face mask every night to make myself feel relaxed before bed helping me to get to sleep quicker therefore not allowing worries to enter my head before bed.

Photo by Mutzii on Unsplash

Sophie has also conducted a post all about things you can do during the pandemic period to stay distracted while your stuck at home! You can find Sophie’s post here, I love her ideas.

Treat Yourself

More often than not, anxiety and overthinking can lead you to forget self-care but it is always important to take time out to treat yourself. Why not buy yourself a little pick me up gift? Buy a little something to make you happy. Shopping and occupying your mind with some self-love can make you feel happier and calmer. This does not mean going to the shop as I know first hand how stressful this can be for those suffering with anxiety, but get online buy yourself a gift and treat yourself. You can find some amazing pick me up gifts here.

10 Tips to Stop Overthinking: Stay Positive

At a time of such sorrow this can be the hardest thing to do. However, we must remember that this is out of our hands and all we can do is follow the instructions given, help when we can and stay safe. You must consider your mental health through this time. Everyone is allowed to have a down day, it is an extremely stressful time, but we must try our best to be positive and not let negativity get the better of us.

I will leave some amazing charities below that you can contact if you need any advice or your feeling down during this time. This is an uncertain time for everyone however we all need to remember that there is always someone to turn too and this will not last forever.

The Samaritans


Finally, massive thank you to our key workers who are keeping the country running and risking their lives to save ours. Stay safe everyone.

Rachel x

‘Caring has the gift of making the ordinary special’

George R Bach

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