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You Won’t Understand Nigeria’s Situation Until You Visit An Embassy

You Won't Understand Nigeria's Situation Until You Visit An Embassy

You Won’t Understand Nigeria’s Situation Until You Visit An Embassy | #IgbereTV

21st of August, I was at the American embassy for a visa appointment.

From the period spanning 3 hours I was there, nobody left the interview room with a smile or laughter. Almost every one there was rejected.

The funniest thing about the rejection was the verdict on the light blue paper given to the intending travellers which read” you have not demonstrated that you have enough ties to bring you back to Nigeria”.


In a layman’s terms, it means we are suspecting that you want to japa into the US.

The most painful aspect was a lot of undergraduates that were turned down. A guy that had a $60,000 worth of scholarship was bounced too.

I saw someone who was just going on a study leave from a whole Deloitte where he works in presently in Nigeria being bounced too.
Most of the interviewers didn’t even check out relevant documents of the applicants, but just drew their conclusion based on face value.

I was discussing with people and they said inasmuch as the reason for that verdict was baseless and stupid, we Nigerians are viewed as the worst of the worst world citizens to allow access into the US, irrespective of one’s qualifications.
We have a government, system and people that are fantastically corrupt.
We have people who engage in and support illegalities.

Our judiciary is biased and is for the highest bidders, and our political system and elections are flawed (none is perfect anywhere in the world) but ours is glaring and very embarrassing.

Our leaders are not patriotic and that is why when we as citizens have our rights trampled on locally or internationally, nothing is done about it.
Nigeria is not regarded as anything again.
In other words, we are just seen as nothing but irritating pollutants.

So for those of you that applaud evil in this land, pray you remain forever in Nigeria because even if it is just to go and visit and come back, they will not allow you.
If you even have a scholarship or any good thing that can take you out of this country, you will be frustrated at the embassy.

And for those of you that left already and are destroying the name of Nigeria, God’s punishment awaits you.
And for those that are still making us proud in the US and elsewhere, may God continue to bless your efforts

I rest my case.

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