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Who is Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa?

QUARTERBACK Zach Wilson rose to prominence when he was drafted by the NFL.

After attending a number of Zach’s games, his mother Lisa Neeleman Wilson gained a following as well.

Lisa Neeleman Wilson often shows up to Jets games in support of her son Zach

Who is Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa?

Lisa Neeleman Wilson is a social media influencer and health enthusiast.

On Instagram, she promotes her wellness recipes, fitness regimens, and retreats.

She is also the owner of her clothing line named Live Life Legit.

Zach is only one of Lisa’s six children, she has three more sons and two daughters.

Why did Lisa go viral?

Following the 2021 NFL Draft, Lisa went viral when it was announced Zach was drafted by the New York Jets.

Twitter erupted with questions about Lisa’s identity, as some assumed that she was Zach’s girlfriend and not his mom.

Twitter users began complimenting Zach’s mom after spotting her on the broadcast, with one writing: “Zach Wilson’s mom is the real MVP of this draft so far.”

One added: “Welcome to New York, Zach Wilson’s mom.”

A third chimed in: “When I first saw her, I thought that’s nice that his girlfriend is there for him.”

On July 10, 2022, Lisa started trending again due to claims made by Zach’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile.

Abbey accused Zach of cheating on her with one of Lisa’s friends.

At the time, Lisa did not respond to Abbey’s claims but said to her newer followers: “Alright, so I’ve got a lot of new people on here, I’m glad to have you.

“Whatever reason brought you here, whatever negative dark energy because you were searching for somebody that would be sad and in pain, I’m glad you’re here.

Zach with his father Mike Wilson and mother Lisa Neeleman

“Whatever got you here, I don’t really care. If you’re just so dark and angry, you’re gonna eventually leave because people like me will bug the s**t out of you.”

She added: “If you’re willing to type something out and send it into the universe, there are repercussions.

“Think before you send something out. You never know who may be reading it.”

When did Lisa marry Zach’s father?

On March 8, 1997, Lisa Neeleman and Mike Wilson tied the knot.

After walking down the aisle, the two welcomed a total of six children together.

Similar to Lisa, Mike is also supportive of their son Zach’s NFL career.

Time and time again, the couple is seen together at NY Jets games.

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