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UFC star Garcia cuts artery in head mid fight but still WINS as medics take 2 HOURS to stop bleeding in horror scenes

UFC star Rafa Garcia was left bleeding from his head for TWO HOURS after suffering a horrific cut in his clash with Hayisaer Maheshate.

The pair locked horns with one another in a catchweight bout on the UFC Vegas 77 prelims on Saturday night.

Rafa Garcia was on the receiving end of a nasty elbow from Hayisaer Mahesthate in their UFC Vegas 66 clash
The elbow opened up a horrific cut on the side of Garcia’s head
The cut was so deep that it took doctors two hours to stem the blood flow
The artery bled so badly that it soaked the medical gauze and towel his head was resting on

But their dust-up turned into a bloodbath in the second round when Maheshate opened up an artery on Garcia’s head with a nasty elbow.

The UFC’s on-site doctors struggled to stem the bleeding while tending to Garcia in the back.

MMA veteran Cub Swanson shared graphic images and video of Garcia bleeding profusely as the promotion’s medical staff tended to him.

One of the snaps showed the doctor trying to stem the blood flow from the deep cut with a gauze pad.

But it was his follow-up video that revealed the size of the task on the doctor’s hands.

Despite the doctor placing gauze in the wound, Garcia’s cut bled so profusely that it soaked through and drenched the towel he was laying his head on.

Swanson tweeted: “Rafa Garcia had a cut artery on his head.

“It took the UFC medical staff almost two hours to get it to stop bleeding. He is ok now.”


He added: “The UFC medical team did a great job getting this thing fixed up.”

Garcia didn’t let his horrifying cut get the better of him, turning up the pressure on Maheshate and grinding out a unanimous decision victory.

After the fight, he said: “I think I got like ten stitches, I think.”

When asked if that’s the most stitches he’s ever received, he said: “I think so. I haven’t really ever got stitches.

“Every time I got a little cut, they probably just glued it and that was about it.”

The 28-year-old felt under pressure to get a finish after being opened up, saying: “With the ref and judges, you never know, you know?

Rafa Garcia wasn’t deterred by the sight and taste of his own blood

“Sometimes judges see too much blood and they don’t give them [fighters] a round.

“Or they can stop the fight. You just never know. So that made me keep pushing and try to make a statement.”

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