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The Bigg Chill Denies That Demi Lovato Gave Them A Handwritten Apology And A $100,000 Donation

Last weekend, Demi Lovato called out Los Angeles frozen yogurt chain The Bigg Chill because she believed they were pushing “diet culture” disguised as sugar-free and gluten-free offerings (when all she wanted in her face was froyo). Not long after people pointed out that her activism might have been a bit misguided, and also that it wasn’t a good look to be attacking a small business in the middle of a pandemic, Demi apologized. Her apology was a bit on the “sorry, not sorry” side of apologies, which I’m sure made some people suspicious of how sincere she really was. But then a rumor popped up on the internet, in which we learned that Demi had allegedly given The Bigg Chill a formal hand-written apology note and $100,000. That made me think, “Oh shit, I guess she is actually sorry, really sorry.” But alas, The Bigg Chill says Demi wasn’t sorry enough to write a personal apology.

The Bigg Chill was forced to step in and clear the air yesterday after some people heaped praise on Demi for trying to make things good after she dragged them to Hell on social media (metaphorically, of course – you couldn’t drag frozen yogurt to Hell, it would melt on the way there). According to The Los Angeles Times, this all began with a tweet (that has since been deleted), in which a Twitter user made the claim of the written apology note and the generous $100,000 donation. It was corroborated by several DMs from The Bigg Chill, which weren’t actually legitimate DMs at all, but just Photoshop jobs. Many people reached out to The Bigg Chill to ask them if it was true about the apology and the money, and they claimed it was the opposite: that Demi and her team continued to be more bothersome than a case of brain freeze.

The Bigg Chill released a little statement on the matter in an Instagram Story and explained that they haven’t gotten a donation from Demi, that they don’t want a donation from Demi, that they haven’t heard a peep from her since she apologized on Monday, and that any reports of an apology or donation are 100% false.

And it’s not over between Demi and The Bigg Chill. Cary Russell, co-owner of The Bigg Chill, spoke to The Los Angeles Times yesterday. Cary says they’re still shocked that Demi would start a public fight with them and this is all something that probably could have been solved with a single phone call:

“I couldn’t believe that she would attack us like that. All she had to do is pick up the phone and call me. I would have had a conversation with her and probably handled it and felt differently about it. But I felt like she just came at us and wanted to fight and accused us of things that weren’t right.”

If there is an upside to all of this, Demi’s fight against The Bigg Chill has increased their visibility, and that their Instagram account now has 40,500 followers, which is up from the 6,000 it had on Sunday. Demi hasn’t directly responded to The Bigg Chill calling her out, but she did throw up an Instagram Story which kind of implies that she wants to move on.

I think The Bigg Chill can let out a sigh of relief, because this situation is probably just about over, for real this time. Yes, Demi loves drama. But she’s also really good at moving on from mistakes in a quick way. Especially mistakes that didn’t cost her that much money in the first place.

Pic: Instagram

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