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    Regina Daniels Eats Morrocan Food For The First Time Prepared By Co-wife

    The Nollywood actress and wife of Billionaire is enjoying herself in her husband’s house despite several backlashes from the public from marrying an old man. One of the peaceful polygamous family is the Nwoko family. The wives of the billionaire and politicians along with their children all live in peace and unity. Recall that, the […] More

  • It's good to eat cherries here

    From grandmother’s garden

    Not only clothing is subject to fashion, but also vegetables and fruit. Much of what ended up in our pots or jars with our grandparents and great-grandparents has been forgotten today. It’s good to eat cherries here The “Ermstäler Cartilage Cherry” not only looks delicious, but it is too. It is all the more sad that it […] More

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    The wild plant collectors of London: foraging in times of lockdown

    During daily lockdown walks, urban food collectors in London discover their connection to nature through their taste buds. “The best way to pick a nettle with your bare hands? Do it quickly!” Explains Izzy “Fizzy” Johnson. From the sunny hedge on the edge of a path in Tottenham in north London, the 24-year-old grabs the young […] More

  • Listeria: rare but dangerous

    Germs in food: five of the most common causes

    Again and again there are diseases from contaminated food. What are the causes and how can you protect yourself? Aflatoxine – the poison of the mushrooms Aflatoxins are natural poisons that are formed by various types of watering can mold (Aspergillus). The molds thrive especially in the tropics and subtropics. Nuts, seeds, grains and corn are particularly often […] More