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Swimsuits for Women of Every Body Type

Choosing a swimsuit for summer vacations or swimming in the pool, women are faced with a huge variety of models. Differing in shape, color, texture, luxurious finish or minimalism, they captivate the eyes of buyers. However, sometimes it turns out that a swimsuit that looks perfect on a model is not very suitable for purchase in a particular case. The secret is that there are different body types. When buying bathing suits for women, you need to focus on those models that will emphasize your advantages and hide possible shortcomings.

Swimwear is subject to fashion trends. Getting smaller and smaller throughout the 20th century, they spawned bikinis, bandinis, and a host of other designs. Today there are about three dozen different types of models. How to understand which of them will most emphasize your attractiveness? First, get acquainted with their main types:

  • Bikini: the most common type with small, tight panties and a bodice with spaghetti straps.
  • Monokini: A variation of a one-piece swimsuit where the top and bottom are joined, but most of the belly is left open.
  • Bandeau top: a fashionable model that has a strapless top.
  • Tankini: a model in which the top is shaped like a tank top and often reaches almost to the bottom.
  • Mayo: one-piece swimsuit, but with large cutouts on the sides.
  • High neck: a closed swimsuit of a sports type.
  • Swim dress: a swimsuit with an additional decorative element in the form of a small skirt to mask large hips.

How to Determine Swimsuits for Women According to their Body Types

Any woman will look chic in a swimsuit tailored to her body type. To make the perfect choice when buying it, you need to follow 3 simple steps.

Evaluate Your Body Type

In the modeling business, it is customary to distinguish five main types of female figures. In the production of different shapes of swimwear, fashion designers focus on them. To assess your body type, it is essential to measure your waist, bust and hips.

  • Rectangle: all three indicators are approximately the same
  • Hourglass: pronounced waist and approximately the same chest and hips
  • Pear: narrow shoulders with not very big bust, wide hips and a pronounced waist
  • Inverted triangle: directly opposite body shape with oversized shoulders and narrow hips
  • Apple: large breasts and a pronounced tummy with slender legs and narrow hips

Find out Bathing Suits for Women of Different Body Type

  • Rectangle: the main advice with a rectangular body shape is to emphasize the waist. For this, monokinis, models with large side cutouts, lace or drapery on the bodice and hips, which visually increase them, are suitable.
  • Hourglass: any model will suit this type of body due to its clearly defined shape. Therefore, when choosing, you can pay attention to other factors, such as the height of the legs. If they are not very high, it is better to select bottoms that open them high.
  • Pear: for this type of body, it is significant to visually enlarge the chest and reduce the large hips. Therefore, pick models with ruffles and drapery on the bodice and dark panties with high cutouts.
  • Inverted triangle: Here the task is exactly the opposite – to decorate with ruffles and drapery of the melting to increase the hips. The volume of the shoulders is visually reduced due to the wide straps of the bodice.
  • Apple: For this type of body, the same models are suitable as in the case of a rectangle. However, there is an additional task – to hide the tummy. This can be done by a dark stripe located in the zone of the abdomen. It will visually reduce this part of the body

Select Best Womens Bathing Suits by Lascana

Having determined which models are best for you, take a look at the Lascana online store. Here you will find the widest selection of stylish swimwear for every taste and budget:

  • Triangle bikini
  • Tankini
  • Cover up
  • Twist bandeau
  • Push up bikini
  • Classic one piece
  • Sports cover up and many others

Bright and inviting, plain and classically restrained, luxurious, and minimalist models can become the favorite swimwear in your collection. A swimsuit from Lascana will make you stylish and unsurpassed on any coast of the world.

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