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Rita Ora And Taika Waititi Might Be A Thing

The detectives of the internet have been busy earlier this week, jumping into action after Rita Ora was seen exiting a private jet in Australia with a bunch of famous people. Normally this wouldn’t be a reason to ring the alarm bells, since Rita is rich and doesn’t really care too much about a little thing called COVID-19, so what’s prolonged contact in an enclosed space as you share air with a variety of people you don’t live with, right? And also, because Rita was traveling within Australia, and Australia is doing pretty good, pandemic-wise. People started getting suspicious when they realized she was on a plane with Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi.

via The Sun:

Yesterday, she looked almost unrecognizable in green tracksuit bottoms and a baggy grey top as she headed back to Sydney from her trip to Gold Coast. Rita looked comfortable after her short flight with movie stars Matt [Damon], Chris [Hemsworth], and Elsa [Pataky], as well as director Taika Waititi.

Taika is currently filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia, which stars Chris Hemsworth, and Matt Damon. Rita Ora has been known to have a part-time career as an actress. And she’s also been seen around other Thor: Love and Thunder actors, like Russell Crowe and Tessa Thompson. This could mean that Rita might have a surprise role in Thor: Love and Thunder.

But it could also mean she’s banging Taika Waititi, which is what the internet thinks is happening. Two days ago, 30-year-old Rita posted a little photo dump to Instagram, the sixth picture of which just so happened to feature herself with what appears to be 45-year-old Taika Waititi’s arms around her. They both also look like they’re wearing matching Gucci sweaters, which could mean they share a stylist who likes to buy in bulk, or they’re dating and already that annoying couple who has to bring full-blown too-cute matchy-matchy energy.

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And, according to a listener of the Who? Weekly podcast, Rita and Taika were seen making out at a restaurant:

Rita has been single for a while. Taika, meanwhile, is still technically married to film producer Chelsea Winstanley. They share two daughters and have been married since 2011. But this isn’t a juicy homewrecking situation by a long shot. Taika and Chelsea separated quietly back in 2018. He was most recently linked to his former personal assistant Polly Stoker, but they’re probably over now.

So congratulations to Rita and Taika, if they really are doing what it looks like they’re probably doing. But if they’re not, then an even bigger congratulations to Rita Ora. Because if they’re not dating, then she might really be hanging around that group because she got a job in Thor: Love and Thunder. This means that when she’s being introduced with a reference to an acting credit, she can be “Star of Thor 3, Rita Ora,” and not “Star of all three of those god awful Fifty Shades movies, Rita Ora.”


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