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Paris Hilton Is The “Real OG” Of Bitcoin And Sold An NFT Collection For $1.1 Million

Here’s some “rich person getting even richer” news. Which I know you all care about, especially in a pandemic-driven recession. And you’ll love it even more because it’s starring Paris Hilton. Like her fellow early-aughts party girl fixture Lindsay Lohan, Paris is really into the crypto art game. In fact, she’s already sold an NFT collection for $1.1 million.

Paris did a long interview with Coindesk where she talked about how she invested in cryptocurrency before anyone else did and how now she’s ventured into the online land of NFTs and making a killing. She really jerks herself off hard, saying she’s always “aimed to be an innovator,” and that she was the “real OG” of Bitcoin. She’s also soooo into NFTs (non-fungible-tokens) that she’s been taken under the wing of the biggest collector of them, an anonymous collector called The Whale Shark, who she Zooms with every weekend and speaks to on the daily.

Paris worked with digital artist, Blake Kathryn, to create her first collection of NFTs which she sold over the weekend for over $1 million, and her social media is now all about NFTs. She tweets about it and she blogs about it. Paris is really packed into the NFT life like cocaine in a lipstick tube. Here’s some of her interview:

Okay, the obvious question: so how’d you get into NFTs?

Paris Hilton:  Well, I’ve always aimed to be an innovator. So last year I was approached to do an NFT for a good cause, so I immediately said yes. Cryptograph said [it was] doing a charity initiative, and I could basically draw whatever I wanted on an iPad. And I chose to draw my kitten, Munchkin. And now I heard that it won the NFT Charity Award.  It’s exciting to have done that back in March 2020 and now NFTs are what everyone is talking about. I’ve always loved being a first at things. It makes me proud.

It’s clear you take engaging with the NFT community seriously and are often following NFT artists on Twitter, even if they don’t have a “platform” or very many followers. What has this been like for you?

PH: I love this community. I’ve met so many interesting, kind, creative and cool people. And, yeah, just like you said, I don’t care about followers. There [are] some people I’m following now that have, like, eight followers. It’s not about followers to me at all. It’s just about the person. I’ve never used Twitter so much in my life. [Laughs.] And now it’s the platform I’m using most – that and Clubhouse – because the whole community is on there.

Are you having fun now revealing this side of you to the world?

PH: Definitely. It feels amazing to finally be able to be myself, because for so long in my career I had to play a character. I built this character on this kind of … bubblehead blonde, acting like I didn’t know anything and just playing into that dumb blonde stereotype, which was never me at all. It was kind of this show that I created because I had been through so many traumatic experiences that it was kind of something that I felt protected by. But then after doing my documentary, This Is Paris, and being vulnerable and talking about so many things that have happened, I now feel that I can be my true self. And part of that self is the undercover nerd in me. And I’m proud to show that I’m actually smart and I do know what’s going on. And it makes me feel proud that people are starting to see that and to realize that, and that I’m finally getting the credit that I deserve.

Here’s one piece of Paris’ NFT “art pieces“:

Just like she claims that she co-invented the selfie, Paris believes she’s an NFT pioneer!

Well, Paris Hilton being into NFTs is truly on-brand with the way Black Mirror has melded into our world. But hey, don’t worry, when NFTs reportedly corrode the planet with their greenhouse gas emissions, you can just upload your consciousness into one of Paris’ cotton-candy-colored digital realms and escape the scorched Earth!


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